No matter how long your marriage lasted, the engagement ring, a symbol of hope for a lifetime of love can remain sentimental for many of us.

After a divorce, the engagement ring still retains significant meaning and value to the parties involved. Many people who have just gone through a divorce are left wondering what they could do to their engagement ring.

Here are some things you can do with your engagement ring after you get a divorce from your partner.

Try upgrading the ring:

Turn the ring into a new piece of jewelry to symbolize a new start in your life. You have the option of keeping the band and upgrading the stone or upgrading the entire piece. Maybe the engagement ring was never your style or you simply don’t want the reminder.

Sell the ring to get money:

One of the most popular options is to sell your engagement ring. If you’re ready to move on, your ring can get you cash that you can use on a vacation, put towards a new house, spend on legal bills, or even save for your children.

It can be cathartic to get rid of a reminder of the past instead of letting it collect dust in the back of your closet. When you sell the ring, you can get over your emotional trauma and move on with the cash with your life. It is fine to sell the ring and it is common practice.

Once the relationship is over, there is no need to feel guilty about selling the ring or any other items that belong to you and remind you of your divorce. Divorce instigates a lot of change and part of that is letting the past go.

Rather than leave the ring out of sight in a drawer to gather dust, why not tackle this last physical reminder of the marriage? Sell it and use the money on something that you will benefit from.

Return the ring back to them:

Another option that some women choose is to return their engagement ring back to their ex. In the case of divorce, if the ring is a family heirloom of your ex-husband’s, then you may consider returning it to his family.

Returning the ring may help you move past the situation. Returning it rids you of the feelings you experience when you see the ring, and that can help you move on with your life if you’re feeling stuck in despair.

Additionally, if he had even a little bit of a claim to the ring, returning it will also eliminate any pressure you’re feeling – and it will give you one more way to sever your ties with him once and for all.

If you’re still attached to the ring and feel like keeping it, you’ve got to find a way to eliminate those emotions, maybe by purchasing yourself a replacement to wear on your right hand as a symbol of your independence and new life. While it won’t ease the pain entirely, a nice piece of jewelry can serve as a good reminder that you’ve got your whole life ahead of you.

Keep the ring safe:

Everyone feels differently after a divorce. It may be that the last thing you want to do is part of your engagement ring.

If they do not feel negative about their divorce, some people choose to save their engagement rings to pass on to their children or grandchildren. There is no right or wrong, it is simply a personal decision.