So, its Valentine’s day once more and while everyone is spending the day with that special someone, guess who’s all alone and divorced at home. You. But it doesn’t really have to be that way, I mean, just because you are divorced doesn’t mean you have to be sad, be all by yourself and probably broke. There are several ways you can make some extra cash from your divorce to give yourself a nice treat on Valentine’s day.

For one, you could always divorce your ring. Basically, this means you get to trade up your diamond ring that so much reminds you of your heart break during this season of love and instead getting some interesting amount of cash, so you’ll be able to give yourself a nice treat during this season.

There are also a few other ways you could spend your Valentine’s day and here they are.


Being a day of love, it would definitely be hard to ignore the young couples getting all loved up and the feel of romance all around which would make it all the more hard to make yourself happy but finding a way to be distracted can be a coping mechanism that could really help you not see those things around you. You could take a class, see a movie (not something romantic) and just basically keep yourself busy and before you know it, the day has come to an end.


The good thing about being divorced is you get to do whatever you feel like doing even on Valentine’s Day. Seeing as almost everyone has single friends, it won’t be such a bad idea hanging out with them as they most probably feel the same way as you or just bored and looking for a friend to hang out with. Doing so would not only take your mind off the love season but also make you have a good time and rediscover yourself.


Why look for a date when you can be your own date. Not only will It give you a chance to know yourself better but also an opportunity to engage in your favorite activities. With all you would have planned, you would hardly notice the next couple beside you and everything else as you would be in a total state of pure bliss.


While you could always go out to take your mind off being divorced on valentine’s day, there is also the option of staying back home and doing absolutely nothing. Lazy around, stay stuck in front of the TV watching Netflix in your PJs, be yourself without any disturbance and pestering to go to places you don’t feel like going to, crack open a bottle of wine, cook a lovely meal for yourself. It just could turn out to be the best Valentine’s day you’ve ever had and who knows, you might love it so much that you won’t want to ever spend the day with someone else.


Just because you are going through a divorce on Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you can treat yourself nice. If you’re lucky enough for Valentine’s day to fall on a weekend, then that would just be the best.  Seeing as its weekend, people tend to throw parties, so why not attend one? Dust up that cocktail dress and go have some cocktail at the party, eat some shrimps, make some new friends and who knows, you just might meet the new love of your life there, that is if you are looking to meet someone new. But overall, it is going to be a fun moment for you if you just take your mind away from the sad divorce moment.

While trading in your diamond engagement ring after your divorce just so you won’t have something reminding you of it, you could always pick up something extra along the way for just yourself – maybe a gold necklace or a diamond encrusted bracelet or some sort  of jewelry that would make you happy and not remind you of the divorce experience you just went through seeing as its not something most people want to remember every single  day especially on such a romantic day.