The reserve price is set by you before the auction starts. it ensures that your valuable will not sell for less than you are willing to sell it for. The reserve price is binding: If the leading bid at the end of the auction meets or exceeds the reserve price you set, the sale will be approved automatically. If it is lower than the reserve price you set, you can choose to reject the offer and have your valuable securely returned to you, fully insured and free of charge.

At Divorce Your Ring, we’re committed to offering a win-win experience for both sides.  Divorce Your Ring marketplace experts authenticate and professionally grade all valuables before sale, earning our buyers’ trust. We sell to a network of professional buyers and the public earning you more. Sellers who choose Divorce Your Ring enjoy higher chances of selling and a shorter time to sale than on any other marketplace platform.

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the offer and it falls below your reserve price, simply request that the valuable to be sent back to you. We will send it back immediately in the same condition it was sent to us, no strings attached.

However, once you agree to a reserve price, you are committed to selling your valuable.

Prior to auction there is no obligation of any kind. Once you agree to a reserve price, you are committed to selling your valuable for that price. If the highest bid falls below the reserve price, or you receive a Quick Sale offer, you have the option to decline and have your valuable sent back to you fully insured, free of charge.

Our fees are respective to your earnings. So we share a common interest – to get you more. Everything we do is designed to get you more, even the way we’ve structured our commission. The commission we take is subject to a successful auction and is a percentage of the final sale price. We only get paid when you do, and only benefit when you walk away with more.
TransactionSeller Fees
Up to $5,00020%
$5,001 – $15,00015%
$15,001 – $30,00012%
$30,001 – Above10%

Buyers place higher bids with Divorce Your Ring because we only use the very best in the industry to authenticate and grade items auctioned with us. Our grading partners include the Gemological Institute of America. Gradings carried out by our partners are so thorough and trusted in the industry, that we put forth a description guarantee. Buyers that come to Divorce Your Ring know that what they see is what they get, and ultimately place higher bids.

It is also important to keep in mind that we are not the ultimate buyers of your valuable item, making every evaluation as objective as possible. Our goal is creating mutual trust between buyers and sellers that will result in a win-win deal with Divorce Your Ring and yourself.

You can still sell them. Jewelry and precious metals are appraised based on their weight and quality. Thus we can still sell them even if they are broken or incomplete.

Watches, however, will achieve a better sale value if they are in proper working condition. It is always preferable to receive valuables in their original box and/or with the payment receipt.