How to choose the Right Gold: 10k, 14k, 18k and 24k Compared

Engagement is one of the most exciting events that can occur in your whole life time. It is such a magical experience. Engagement rings are a symbol of commitment. This commitment is for the eternal love that you and your fiancé is going to share for the rest of their life. So, you must want your engagement rings to be perfect, right?

To get a ring that is just perfect for your partner and yourself as well, you might have to consider a number of factors. Generally, the diamond used and the design of it is the most important factor which plays the most crucial role in choosing the right ring. After that, you must also consider the accessory parts of the ring as well as it can also play a role in the appearance of the ring. It can also affect your budget. 

The shank of the ring covers a significant portion of the ring and the metal used in the shank must be thoroughly considered before buying the ring. They are made of stainless steel, silver, gold and titanium. But in most cases, gold is the number one choice. Now, the main question is, how much gold should you choose to get your desired engagement ring.

The amount of gold used in jewelries are measured in Karats. It is a measure of purity of the gold. Gold karat means 1/24th of the whole part. Generally, in making jewelries pure gold is not used. Instead, various metal alloys are used such as nickel, copper, silver, zinc, iron etc. 

While choosing the appropriate gold, a number of things are needed to be considered. You have to please your fiancé, but the budget has to be considered too. Your decision will also be influenced by her career or job type, activity level, aesthetic mind etc. Everyone is different and are pleased by different variables. One can be easily pleased while others are sophisticated and complex thinking is needed to make him/her please. Some are aesthetic minded while others value the price of materialistic objects. So, knowing your fiancé is the prior thing to do. After that, the following discussion will help you take the correct decision.

10 Karat Gold 

10 Karat gold is one of the most impure form of gold that is labeled as gold and available to the market. This mixture contains 41.7 % of gold and rest is metal alloys such as nickel, copper, zinc. It is the least popular combination of metals for gold, especially for jewelries. 

10 Karat gold has certain advantages. First of all, it is the most durable form of gold that is available in the market for jewelries. If your fiancé is involved in certain type of jobs which requires a lot of work involving hands, it can be a better choice for you. It is least susceptible to any scratches or dents. So, it is idea for rough use. Another advantage is it is the cheapest form of gold that will be available in the market. If you are in a tight budget condition, it can be a choice for you.

As 10 karat gold has less amount of gold compared to other combinations, it is least aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It doesnot possess the rich bright yellow color of gold which we are accustomed too. It is also not the best choice for people who have skin sensitivity as the other metal alloys may cause skin irritations.

14 Karat Gold  

14 Karat gold is comparatively more popular than the 10 Karat variant. It contains 58.3% gold out of other metal alloys. It has certain advantages over the 10 K gold.

First of all, the price difference between these two type is very low. It has a more classic gold appearance than the 10 K variant and therefore is more aesthetically pleasing. The 14 K white engagement ring is notable in this case. This 14 K  white gold engagement ring is aesthetically pleasant and unique. It is actually the most popular form of gold that is used in jewelries. The lower price and the comparative durability than 18K and 24K gold are two important factors in this case. For heavily designed rings, it is ideal because the gold can withstand the required compression. Also, it can hold big stones.

Though it has a classic gold color, it is not as pleasing to the eyes as the 18 Karat. It is also a heavy mixture of alloys and therefore not ideal if your fiancé has skin issues. 

18 Karat Gold

18 Karat gold is the second most popular amount of gold that is used in the jewelry. 75% gold is used here. It provides optimum level of durability and appearance.

As it contains more amount of gold, it has a beautiful display of yellow gold color. If you are looking for expensive rings, this amount is right for you because it will be more aesthetically pleasing with comparatively less expensive than the 24 K gold.

As it contains 75% gold, it is prone to bending, scratches, dents etc. So, if your fiancé is very active with his/her hands, it is better to avoid this gold.

24 Karat Gold

24 Karat gold is the purest form of gold available in the market. It contains upto 99% gold in it. It is not very popular as jewelries. It is mainly used in collectible items

You might think, the most pure form of gold must be most aesthetically pleasing. But in reality, pure gold doesnot appear as the gold we are accustomed to see and use. Gold is not the strongest metals and therefore is very susceptible to bending and scratches. The cost of such gold is way higher than any other, making it almost non-practical for the use of engagement ring.

No gold amount is perfect. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, it all depends on yourself and your fiancé on choosing the right gold. Nevertheless, 14 and 18 karat gold seems to be more appropriate and is most popular compared to other forms. Now, it is the choice of yours to find the right gold that satisfies you and as well as your fiancé.