where can i sell my diamonds and jewelry?


We buy natural loose diamonds and lab created diamonds


We buy engagement rings, wedding rings and jewelry


We pay cash on the spot for gold and other precious metals

Buy Your Diamonds & Jewelry Wholesale

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Wholesale Engagement Rings or a Lab Created Loose Diamond Direct from Divorce Your Ring the best jewelry store in Dallas, TX saves you a lot money. In addition we do this without compromise to quality and service. You can definitely trust us and sell your engagement ring dallas.

How do we do that?

As wholesalers we cut out all the middle-men. From the diamond mines around the world to the retail store in your neighborhood a diamond changes hands at least six times. This is done through the 7 step diamond distribution channel. Therefore, it stands to reason that everyone makes a percentage markup. However; you the end user pay dearly for it. 

Are you wondering why our prices are so low for the exact same diamonds? It’s because we don’t have the overhead and the multiple markups to deal with. We simply pass the savings on to you the customer. That is why no one can beat the prices of our wholesale engagement rings.

Our team of diamond concierges are dedicated to educating our customers into making the best decision without any pressure whatsoever. Divorce Your Ring believes in a win-win when buying lab created loose diamonds or diamond jewelry from our jewelry store in Dallas.

Wholesale Engagement Rings & Wholesale Diamonds in Dallas, TX Jewelry Store

Through our concierge you will be offered the best diamonds Dallas, TX has to offer at BELOW WHOLESALE DIAMONDS prices.

Top 10 Diamond Cuts:

  1. Round cut diamonds
  2. Princess cut diamonds
  3. Cushion cut diamonds
  4. Oval cut diamonds
  5. Radiant cut diamonds
  6. Emerald cut diamonds
  7. Pear cut diamonds
  8. Marquise cut diamonds
  9. Heart cut diamonds
  10. Asscher cut diamonds

Top 10 Engagement Ring Settings: 

  1. Pavé Setting
  2. Halo Setting
  3. Bezel Setting
  4. Channel Setting
  5. Tension Setting
  6. Tiffany Setting
  7. Trellis Setting
  8. Baguette Setting
  9. Multirow Setting
  10. Antique Setting

Divorce Your Ring is a Full Service Jewelry Store:

Besides wholesale diamonds and diamond wholesale engagement rings near dallas what do we sell?

  • Pendants
  • Custom Rolex
  • Tennis Bracelets
  • Bangles
  • Earrings
  • Studs
  • Necklaces
  • Chains
  • Stackable Rings
  • 3D Ring Customization

Diamond Exchange or upgrade in our dallas jewelry store?

A diamond exchange at Divorce Your Ring is a very simple process. We take the diamond to our diamond cutter who with or without a certification to obtain the 4 C’s (Cut, Clarity, Carat, Color). after that, we search for the identical diamond specification in our wholesale database to assess the center diamonds worth. A cash offer is only made on  diamonds 1.0 carat and above if we are in need of that diamond shape. However;  we will consign all your rings and jewelry at a fair market price. All we ask is that you visit one other jeweler before you make an appointment so that you can compare apples to apples.

Jewelry Appraisals for Insurance:

We also do jewelry appraisals for insurance purposes through our graduate Gemologist (30 years experience) in our Dallas jewelry store. Our appraisals  come complete with a gold seal, images and specification. We practice safe distancing and mask wearing for the benefit of our customers in our Dallas jewelry store. Please call (214) 707-0324 to make an appointment.

Jewelry Store - Howard L. Traxler. G.G. is our Graduate Gemologist

Lab Created Diamonds with a buy back policy:

In conclusion, don’t forget about our lab created diamonds if you are on a tight budget. We buy back lab created diamonds if you are so inclined to upgrade to larger lab created diamond or a natural diamond. Millennials prefer lab created because they are environmentally friendly and are identical to a natural diamond in every respect. At Divorce Your Ring we will do a side by side comparison for you of an identical natural diamond and a lab created diamond and let you decide which diamond suites you.