Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers – what can we do for you?

Divorce Lawyers do you need to maximize the sale of estate assets. Such as Loose Diamonds, Engagement Rings and fine Jewelry. Are you inundated with divorce papers, emotional clients and disposal of estate assets. If so we can help you especially if the divorce is in Texas. If you need professional advise contact Divorce Lawyer Singapore.

Divorce Lawyers benefits:

    • Use a knowledgeable third party so you don’t get a low balled offer.
    • Achieve honest and fair prices as a result of the Rappaport Report or G.I.A. Certificates.
  • Help clients achieve highest and best price for their Jewelry as a result of selling on consignment.

Parties getting divorced:

Please read our blog and most of all refer us to your friends and family. Enjoy articles such as “What do I do with my engagement ring now that I am divorce?”
Sell your Loose Diamonds, Engagement Rings and fine Jewelry on consignment. Don’t get a low offer from Pawn shops and Cash Jewelry Stores. 

How do we sell your estate assets? 

    • Direct cash offer which is usually less than appraised value so we can resell it.
    • Auction your jewelry and set sold limits.
  • Marketplace consignment suggested sales price usually appraised value.
Using a Diamond Cutter is smart when doing a Jewelry Exchange, because it is their trade. Diamond Cutters know how to get the greatest value out of a loose diamond The good news is that Divorce Your Ring uses diamond cutters to appraise your loose diamonds. Our diamond cutters use the daily Rapaport Report to determine fair market value. If you have a G.I.A. Certificate upload it on our contact page rather than emailing it please.

Visit Jewelry Exchange Dallas to design and build your own jewelry. Jewelry Exchange Dallas has tools to build your own ring, studs or pendant. They also sell loose diamonds that have GIA Certifications. They also believe in educating prospective buyers about the 4 C’s when buying a diamond.