Sell at Auction

Understanding an Auction

Auction definition “a public sale in which goods or property sold to the highest bidder”. First of all there is a preview period. The auction is set to start at a certain time for a predetermined length.

What do these terms estate, vintage, and antique jewelry mean?

  • If you own it or someone else owned it regardless of age it is Estate jewelry
  • If it’s more than 100 years old its Antique jewelry. It is more valuable than vintage pieces because it is often handmade and collectors love it.
  • If its 20 to 100 years old its Vintage jewelry.
Knowing what the above terms mean helps in understanding value jewelry. Such as, loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Get a Free Auction Evaluation for Jewelry

Divorce your ring will give you a free auction evaluation. So you can make an informed decision on where to set the limit. 
Auctions are a fun way to sell your old jewelry. Fist you must get an evaluation. Then your should decide on a limit. Also set a time limit. When all parties have agreed, Divorce Your Ring will upload a beautiful  picture of your item.
If the limit is not achieved we would recommend withdrawing from the auction. We recommend placing the jewelry items on consignment and getting it sold. Some people are auction adverse which is understandable. Auctions can be quite nerve racking. The choice on how you would like to sell is yours.