How Does It Work For You

Preparing Your Jewelry For Auction

To achieve the highest possible price your jewelry undergoes a rigorous cleaning process before videos and photographs are taken.


Free Secure Shipping

Prepping your jewelry for auction will require you to ship it to us. To do that you can either schedule a FedEx pickup, or drop it off at a nearby staffed FedEx location. Shipping is fully covered by Divorce Your Ring and fully insured FedEx.


Professional Cleaning

The professional jewelry cleaning process involves carefully removing dirt or tarnish to improve its appearance and make it sparkle for the auction.


Video & Photo Shots

Your engagement ring is professionally photographed in high-definition from every angle so that buyers can get a closer look and place higher bids with confidence and trust.


Gemologist Grading

We partner with objective industry-leading labs such as GIA, GHI and IGI who inspect every piece we receive. If time is of the essence we will occasionally use an independent Gemologist to do do an appraisal.


Auction Listing

Divorce Your Ring will create a dedicated listing for your jewelry that includes a professional description, video and photographic shots and a third party grading report. Once the auction is live, buyers are able to view this listing and bid on your jewelry


Reserve Price

A reserve price is the lowest amount you would be willing to sell your jewelry for. Once the external grading report for your jewelry is ready, we will generate a recommended reserve price for you. At this point you can choose to either accept it or set your own reserve price and start your auction.


Our Buyer Network Includes The General Public

Professional industry buyers are registered on our platform and compete for various jewelry pieces sold with us. However; we also market to the general public through our extensive websites and social media.


Live Auction Access

With the click of a button your auction will be live. Once your auction is live you will get access to a live display of it text to your smart device.

The Online Auction

Once your engagement ring is ready for auction, you can set the reserve price you are comfortable with. We then create the auction listing for you and promote it through our buyer network and to the general public. All you have to do is start your auction and watch competing offers roll in.


Getting Paid

Shortly after the auction concludes successfully, you will receive the final sale amount minus our fee. Our fee is always a percentage of the price your valuable was sold for.


Payment Methods

Once your piece is sold you can get your money via a bank transfer, PayPal or check. The choice of payment is yours.


How Long Does It Take ?

Once the sale is complete, your payment is processed almost immediately. Receipt of the payment varies depending on the method selected, as follows:

  • PayPal: 1-2 business days
  • Bank transfer (ACH): 2-3 business days
  • Checks: 4-5 business days

Divorce Your Ring Fee

Our 15% flat fee is subject to a successful auction and is a percentage of the final sale price. So we share a common interest. We also only get paid when you do.