87 Gorgeous Engagement Rings Under $2,000

When dreaming of an engagement ring, it’s hard not to picture a, um, sizable diamond being placed upon your finger. Sure, not every bride-to-be is drawn to big, super-sparkly diamonds, but whether three or more carats is goals or you prefer a daintier approach to an engagement ring design, cost is always the ultimate factor when choosing your engagement ring. Not the most romantic part of your engagement story, but a practical aspect that most couples face. Luckily, the market is filled with gorgeous engagement rings that cost $2,000 or less whether you choose a smaller diamond, diamond slice, gemstone, antique ring, or cluster ring. Or, you can look to diamond alternatives like moissante, white sapphire, or even an ethical, lab-grown diamond (they’re a totally legit option) to save a little cash and go bigger with your stone.

An engagement ring under $2,000 hardly means you have to sacrifice. For the bride drawn to vintage and antique styles, Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian-style rings are a few popular styles that you can easily source for well under $2,000. Many of these styles incorporate stunning metal-work around a smaller stone or several small stones that create the illusion of a bigger ring. Plus, the intricate design of an antique ring is incredibly eye-catching whether done in white or yellow gold or a mix of metals.

For modern brides, unique cuts like trillion, shield, hexagon, and half-moon shapes make for a super stand-out ring from two-stone styles to unique settings like off-kilter, east-west, or floating designs. Even in a smaller carat weight, these contemporary cuts will feel utterly spectacular on a yellow, rose, or white gold band or a mixed-metal setting for a super-unique look.

Multi-stone engagement rings from three-stone styles to clusters create the illusion of a bigger ring for a lot less, too. But if size is super important (hey, we get it) a lab-created diamond or diamond alternative like white sapphire or moissantite is a perfect option that will keep your ring under $2,000 and still sparkle like the best of them—there are a ton of brands are creating spectacular style using this ethical practice.

No matter your style, we’re certain you’ll find an under-$2,000 engagement you love in our edit ahead. From traditional to fashion-forward, these styles are proof that your dream ring doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Well under, in fact!

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