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The Long and Short of it
Long, short, thick, thin, layered, entwined, opera, bib, choker, collar, or whatever else you can think of,
they’ve been adorning our necks ever since time. Most of the time neckpieces are classified according to
their length and their thickness. Here’s a quick look at the many names and styles by which neckpieces
have delighted us over the centuries.

Opera necklace
These are really long pieces that go down to your waist or longer and can be styled in various ways. They
are usually doubled up around the neck with one strand (or two) as a choker and one strand long. They
are also knotted around the neck sometimes or at the bust. But of course, with the neckpiece going to
such lengths, you may as well try out multitudes of strands and layers till you hit the one that suits you.

Choker and Collar
The choker and the collar are two different styles altogether. The choker is smaller and goes around
your neck like a clasp while the collar lies around your neck like a shirt or blouse collar would. The
choker highlights your neckline and works its unique charm on any apparel. The collar necklace is an
excellent choice when it comes to accessorising a turtleneck or high neck clothing.

Bib necklace
This style works exactly as the name suggests. It’s a chunky neckpiece that literally covers the entire
chest and bust area like a child’s bib would. The way statement pieces go, this is one piece that is sure to
catch the eye no matter what. Stylists advise that it should be worn with simple outfits. But as Indian
brides will tell you, the bib necklace can be worn in all glory with the blingest of bridal outfits too.

Princess and Matinee
The princess and the matinee necklaces are just a few inches shorter or longer than each other. The
princess necklace is shorter and comes to lie around the chest area while the matinee is longer and rests
pretty much on the bust. Both are sometimes embellished or made with beads or stones and can be
heavy pieces or light and delicate ones. Both are worn with plunging necklines as well as high necks.

Lavalier and Lariat
With its slender chain and plain or embellished pendant, the lavalier is a very typical women’s
neckpiece. The lariat too is a dainty piece of jewellery which is essentially like a long thread whose ends
are not joined. While the lavalier adds a bit of charm to any attire, be it traditional or modern, the lariat
adds a vintage appeal.
These are some of the more prominent styles of neckpieces. Do you know of more? Let us know.


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