6 Real Women Share How and Why They “Returned” Their Engagement Ring for the Ring of Their Dreams

An engagement ring is something that quickly becomes your prized possession, one that you’re eager to show people but less eager to ever take off. It’s something that you’re thought long and hard about, secretly trying on rings and figuring out the shape of diamond that fits your hand and your style the best.

Which can make the whole proposal moment get a bit awkward when you pop open the ring box and fix your eyes on a ring that’s anything but the one you ever dreamed about getting. Breaking the news to your fiancé can be hard. Which leaves you with the decision of staying quiet and wearing a ring you don’t love or speaking up and trading in the ring you were given for the one of your dreams.

Here’s what happened to these six real women who returned their engagement rings for one that sparkled and shined like all the other ones they pinned on their Pinterest board for years.

1. It Belonged to Someone Else

“I found out my fiancé gave me a ring that belonged to his mom. She was given it by her ex-fiancé. He broke up with her before the wedding and then she ultimately married his dad instead. I was like so distraught that this ring was hers from an ex that I immediately gave it back and then told my fiancé he had to buy me a new ring that was 25% more in price than he set a budget for to make up for the mistake. He did and now I love my ring. Still not in love with my mother-in-law though.” – Lucy G., 28

2. It Was too Big and too Heavy

“I thought I was going to love the ring I picked out for my fiancé to get me but when he gave it to me, It was so big and heavy. I didn’t love it and I couldn’t wear it because it weighed my hand down. Two months after getting engaged, I approached him in tears and asked him If we could return the ring for another. It doesn’t work that way. We were able to sell mine for $5,000 less than he paid. Then I got a new ring that was half as expensive and half as big as the first one.” – Taylor E., 32

3. I Hated Everything About It

“I love my fiancé but I hated the ring he picked out. Hated is an understatement. It was so awful. It was a pear shaped diamond on a yellow gold band and it looked like it was from the 1960’s. He could tell from my face that I didn’t like it. The next week, we went to the jeweler and he let us return it for a different ring that was more my taste. I felt bad but like it was my engagement ring and I wanted it to be my style.” – Wendy R., 41

4. It Looked Cheap

“The ring was only one carat and looked so cheap. I asked him how much he spent and was mad that it wasn’t over $10,000. When he gave me the ring I gave it straight back. I said you figure out how to get me the ring of my dreams. I sent him photos and the rings were all $20,000 or more. That was how I returned my ring and got the one I wanted. However, it didn’t last long. The marriage ended after a year and a half and I gave back the $20,000 ring as part of the divorce settlement.” – Manie F., 35

5. I Did it Behind His Back

“I didn’t like my engagement ring and decided not to tell my fiancé. Instead I picked out a new ring, sold the old one, and paid the difference myself. Independent woman status right here! It took him a week to notice and when he did, I confessed. He was pissed off but I explained why I did what I did and he calmed down and was okay because he understood that this ring was the ring that ultimately made me happy.” – Cheryl R., 42

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6. I Wanted the Money

“When our engagement ended, I got to keep the ring. But of course I didn’t want it. I took it to every jeweler in town to see who would give me the most money. I ended up getting $13,000 in cash for the ring. My ex-fiance still thinks I have the ring. But it’s not his business and he’ll never have to know that I pawned it for cash.” – Paulette H., 31

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