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Bridal Bling

Getting married soon? Well, you better start exercising those neck muscles, then. Be it our great Indian wedding, our menu, our decorations or our bridal jewellery, we always go BIG. No change there this year either, ladies, except that it all just got bigger—especially the jewellery!

Thanks to Bollywood brides Sonam Kapoor (who pretty much covered herself in jewellery) Deepika Padukone (who was also decked to the 19s in jewellery), Priyanka Chopra (maybe not as much, but still), and the like, bridal jewellery just went bigger, bolder and really out  there. So, while big is the size you should keep in mind, feel free to play around with the various styles.

Temple jewellery is trending a lot this year (again thanks to the Bollywood brides) and so is the long and heavy Rani mala. Both these styles highlight gold and is also more along traditional lines. However, go for precious stone-studded styles in temple jewellery to give it a more mod look. You can also opt for an antique finish or pure gold finish. Rani malas come with a mind-boggling variety of precious stones, pearls, gold beads, kundan work, filigree work and the like. You can even pair a really long rani mala with a slightly smaller one for a true regal look.

They’ve been bold statement pieces for ages now, but this year they’re trending as bridal jewellery. We’re talking about the choker. A thin long neck clasped by a choker has always been an eye-catcher. As a bride, you should opt for thick chokers with precious or semi-precious stone beads hanging at the neckline. Though slender necks have always been mandatory with chokers, the thick bridal style chokers can easily cover up a not-so-thin neck and leave many hearts burning.

Another trend of 2019 is floral jewellery—where flowers and buds made of fine colourful cloth are embedded into the jewellery. If you find it a bit too off-beat, you can totally rule the look with floral-patterned gold and diamond jewellery. Whether you go for a chunky look or for delicate pieces, not only will you be carrying off the latest trend, but you will be doing it with class.



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