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Mix & match

Mix & match All of us surely have our own versions of a treasure box, where you keep your most priced trinkets.
Those special ones, more cherished than the rest, that bring that extra sparkle to your eyes. You are
saving them up for special occasions, but that also means you seldom actually wear them.

Perhaps you are reluctant to wear them because you feel the style might clash with your outfit, or
that it may be too grand for your day at work, or too dainty for daily use. But guess what, today’s
trends have embraced the eclectic. Which means you can go wild with your style combinations and
you’d still be right on point. Go unconventional, let your imagination run riot.

Lay out your outfit for the day and bring out that treasure box. Mix and match more than one
accessory to figure what goes best with what. Wearing a muted colour? Use accessories for that
splash of colour. Pair a ruby or emerald pendant with earrings in a contrasting colour. If you are
wearing a high-necked top, consider wearing multiple neckpieces that layer well. Say, a mid-length
gold chain with a longer layer of beads or pearls.

A black cocktail dress gives you ample opportunity to go wild with the jewellery. If it is a sleeveless
number, break out the armlet. The more elaborate, the better. And who said waist chains go only
with traditional wear? Wear your dainty, stone-studded waist chain over with a black, white or red
dress. Not only will it add accent to the dress, it will stand out against the bold colours as well.

Your casual wear also gets a kick up the style metre. If your Friday dressing is all about pulling out
the first t-shirt that is handy, dress it up with something from your treasure box. Statement earrings
would go very well in creating a chic look.

There are no rules anymore in what to wear with what. So, give a fresh lease of life to your jewellery,
mix them up and create a beautiful cocktail.



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