27 Vintage Rings for Socially Conscious Brides

With so many engagement ring options out there, it can feel impossible to land on just one. Sometimes your mood may have you thinking sleek and modern is the way. Other times, a glitzier, more adorned style might seem right when you’re skewing glamorous. Then again, for the everyday, dainty and delicate seems right, right? Or, what about the unconventional route with something bold and colorful? Options truly run the fine jewelry gamut, especially as engagement ring trends continue to defy tradition and move towards an “anything goes” mentality. But there is another factor that’s important when figuring out the style of engagement ring that’s best for you — deciding whether you want your ring to be brand new or vintage. If that doesn’t quite help you make the final call, think about it this way: vintage rings are a sustainable way to shop for an engagement ring versus new rings which often require new mining, materials, and labor. At a time when sustainability in fashion is a huge topic, shopping for an engagement ring with the environment in mind is becoming more popular among brides-to-be, with vintage rings being a romantic and often sentimental approach to the trend.

From ornate Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian rings to sleeker cuts from the Art Deco and Retro periods, there are plenty of styles, stones, and cuts for socially conscious brides interested in a vintage engagement ring to choose from. Not all vintage or antique rings are created equal — while these rings generally come with a lot more character than, say, a modern solitaire, you can still find vintage rings that feel simple and sleek. Whatever style you choose, however, as far as sustainability is concerned, it’s all about re-purposing a ring that was already in existence and not something brand new that requires more labor and materials to be used.

Whether you’ve been set on a vintage engagement ring for years or feel enlightened by the sustainability of shopping for a previously loved style, ahead, 28 vintage engagement rings from Georgian to Retro.

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