Divorce, also known as dissolution of marriage

There are two ways of looking at our companies Title, Divorce Your ring.

The first is obvious which is after divorce selling off jewelry that would remind you of your former partner.  The second is not so obvious, which is you are not getting divorced but have become dis·il·lu·sioned with your old jewelry. Off with the old on with the new so to speak. We can help you sell your jewelry on consignment as well as assist you with tools to help you design your new jewelry so that you can make that statement.

Fashion is what it’s all about. Take the world by storm Unique is how you would describe yourself. So why should you not have a bevy of jewelry to complete every ensemble.  Rings, ear rings and pendant. Diamonds and Sapphires. Bold Blue and Sparkling White. Be subtle, be demure but be.

Life is too short to stay in a rut. I know I have been there many times. One has to force oneself to get up and keep going. A righteous man will fall seven times, but he will get up. What is your mantra? Don’t worry, be happy as the song goes. when you give the gift of Diamonds you are saying it’s forever. When you give yourself a gift of Diamonds you are saying I am worth it.

So spread the love. Tell your friends to visit us. Write a comment or two. Let’s bring a little bit of Joy to our community. A merry heart makes good like medicine. This blog is all about you. It’s your way of letting off a little steam and a way of declaring victory over failure. A little love vcan go a long way. It can also cover a multitude of sins. Divorce Your Ring and Live.