Hurting people Hurt people!

Yes it is a fact that hurting people hurt people! Divorce hurts more people than you can imagine. Your kids, your family your friends. The reality is that I personally  don’t like it but Divorce is here to stay.  I feel for anyone who has gone through a Divorce. However the reality is that one must go on. On one of my Facebook Groups a person contacted me and said they have been trying to move on for 9 years.

Something is wrong here folks. If you cant resolve your differences and Divorce is your only answer then do something positive to move on. Out of this notion we created Divorce Your Ring. This is one way to let go of the past. Buy new Jewelry to celebrate life. I know i make it sound so easy and I apologies for that.

I am a child of a Divorce. I had to choose which parent to live with. It was difficult if not impossible. However; my sister and I did not see eye to eye and that helped me make the alternate decision to hers. So what is your story. I’d love to publish your story of success. The victory that came out of defeat.

Did you sell your RING? Did it feel as if a great weight had been lifted off your shoulders? Tell me about it. It may help someone who is struggling to find their way. Folks we don’t just buy your Loose Diamonds, Engagement Rings and Fine Jewelry we also sell all of the above. We even afford you the opportunity of Designing it yourself. Choose the Diamond, choose the Setting and a unique ensemble is yours. You can design rings, ear rings and pendants at Jewelry Exchange Dallas.

We sell Jewelry on consignment. Here is a Wedding Set from Jared on Facebook and eBay.