Tell me your story.

Today I want to hear from you about your ring. Was there a romantic interlude where you thought you were dreaming? Such as did he write the words marry me in the sky? Did you cling to your memories when faced with a divorce by holding onto your ring? Did you throw it in the ocean? Did you pawn it and feel good about getting nothing for it?

Out purpose at Divorce Your Ring is to try and bring sanity back into your life. If you want to sell your ring why not get the highest price possible so you can afford that boat trip you have been threatening to do for ages?
Memories good or bad stay with you forever. Music has a way of bringing back a flood of memories. Your ring that was once a show piece it not who you are. It does not define you. You may not have achieved much in your lifetime. Your value as a person is not measured by what you do or by what you achieved.

God created you valuable and precious. You are a jewel in His eyes. So forget about what people say about you. Pick up your broken shattered life and move on. There is so much more waiting for you out in this wild world of ours.
My recommendation is sell the ring and buy some new jewelry. Something that goes with this new adventure that you are embarking upon.