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Your Jewellery Speaks About You

There is no doubting the place that jewellery has for the average Indian woman. It is given a great deal of importance and for many reasons. While the purchase of jewellery may once have been considered solely for special occasions and to be turned into family heirlooms; for the modern woman of today, jewellery is now an identity marker as well.
It is important that you understand the various perceptions around jewellery and make sure that it matches your personality or the mood you want to project at a given time. Here is a look at what jewellery styles can speak of your personality. This will help you make a good choice going forward.
The Happy-Go-Lucky Look: Big jewellery and sometimes statement pieces can give you the fun loving look. Think hoop earrings, heavy multi-strand necklaces or large finger rings. This is the kind of jewellery usually associated with the party loving, happy and cheerful personality.
The Subtle but strong Personality: There is a lot of jewellery out there that is made from recycled material or is upcycled. Shell necklaces, bangle bracelets, glass earrings and the like fall in this category and are the rage with those who are basically nature lovers and don’t like jewellery standing out too much. These are the outdoor folks who love the colours of nature in all that they do.
The Elegant Personality: We have all met that stately woman—the one who exudes a charming radiance and a sense of elegance as soon as she enters the room. Take a look at her jewellery and you will find that it is classic or traditional. Think pearls, gold, solitaires and the like. These are people who wear minimal jewellery yet turn heads as soon as they enter a room.
The Focused Personality: Now there are many who know exactly what they want when it comes to jewellery. This means that they purchase pieces after having mentally matched them to particular outfits and then handpicked them for their jewellery collection. Again these are people who like to own minimal jewellery but each piece will grab attention.
The Trendsetter: This talks about people out there who would like to make a statement with their jewellery and you will find that this can be done with vintage pieces. Each piece chosen and worn will stand out and is different from the average. Antique and vintage designs work very well for this kind of personality and they always do things with a bang.
These are various kinds of personalities you see when it comes to a choice of jewellery. Take your pick on the kind of personality you want to exude and make a choice of jewellery. The most important point to remember is that you have to be true to your personality and make a choice on what best represents you.



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