Top Ten Reasons To Buy Platinum Engagement Rings

One of the most popular ring metal options is platinum, but nearly everyone has different reasons for buying platinum engagement rings. Since so many Adiamor customers choose platinum rings, we put together this handy list of 10 reasons to buy platinum rings.

1. Platinum is Pure

At Adiamor, we only use the highest grade of metals which is why our platinum is 95% pure. The other 5% is made of of iridium, palladium, ruthenium and other alloys.

2. Platinum is Rare

While gold is a popular ring metal option due to its rarity, platinum is actually thirty times rarer than gold.  Every year, over 2,700 tons of gold is turned into jewelry while less than 90 tons of platinum are mined for jewelry.

3. Platinum’s Color Lasts A Lifetime

Platinum is a particularly popular choice for engagement rings because its color does not fade. With a lifetime of memories ahead, it’s smart to choose a ring metal that will last.

4. Platinum Patina

Although the color of platinum will never fade, platinum engagement rings do develop a surface appearance known as “patina.” For many people, this unique characteristic makes platinum rings an even more personal choice because no platinum ring will develop the same patina over time. However, for those who wish for a perfect appearance at all times, platinum can be buffed to have the original luster restored.

5. Platinum Is Non-Corrosive

While platinum does develop a natural patina desired by many, it will not corrode or tarnish. This means the ring metal will last a lifetime.

platinum engagement rings
Platinum is the perfect ring metal for an engagement ring due to its strength and natural beauty.

6. Platinum is Durable

Speaking of lasting a lifetime, platinum is also an exceptionally durable metal. Because of this, it is extremely rare that a platinum engagement ring will need additional reinforcement. The strength of platinum makes it perfect for ring prongs, which is why its so desirable in diamond engagement rings. This brings us to our next point: the overall strength of platinum.

7. Platinum Strength Settings

One of the reasons many people choose platinum over gold is the additional strength of platinum settings. While gold is a soft metal, platinum is more more resistant to breaking. This makes it the perfect choice for an engagement setting because it will help secure the diamond center stone. However, even though platinum has additional strength because of its resistance to corrosion, it is not completely unbreakable. It’s simply more durable.

8. Platinum is Hypoallergenic

Since some people have allergic reactions to precious metals, platinum is often the solution. The purity of platinum rings means that the wearer does not have to worry about having a sensitivity to the metal. Platinum’s natural properties make it the perfect hypoallergenic option.

9. Platinum’s Heft

Did you know that platinum weighs over 40% more than gold? In fact, platinum outweighs 14k gold by 60%! The additional heft of platinum makes it feel extra special. Also, the extra weight is preferred by many men for their wedding bands, too.

10. Platinum’s Love

Finally, platinum is the perfect choice for engagement rings because it will last forever. Since marriage is a lifetime commitment, then the perfect ring to symbolize everlasting love is certainly made of platinum!

Learn more about ring metals in the Adiamor Metal Education Guide or start shopping for platinum engagement settings today!

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