Victoria Beckham’s engagement rings

While most people might have an engagement ring and possibly a wedding band or eternity band, it’s clear Victoria Beckham is not a normal person. Rather than wearing one ring throughout her marriage, she prefers to switch from ring to ring according to her mood and outfit. The fashion designer and former Spice Girl is a clear fan of a range of different jewelry styles, with her collection spanning classic diamond styles to more unique gemstone designs.

victoria beckham's engagement rings marquise

At first, of course, there was just one ring that Victoria wore – the one David proposed with. In 1998, the soccer star popped the question at Rookery Hall in Cheshire, with a $65,000 three-carat marquise diamond ring. Over the years, the couple’s fame and net worth have increased – and Victoria’s rings have become larger and more opulent.

victoria beckham's wedding ring

The second addition to Victoria’s collection was actually fairly modest; a platinum double micropavé diamond wedding band worth approximately $8000. We love how she was pictured wearing it by itself – presumably as a more practical alternative when she was out and about.

victoria beckham's engagement ring pear

Perhaps Victoria’s most famous piece of jewelry – and certainly the one she’s photographed most regularly wearing – is this pear-shaped diamond ring. Estimated at between 15 and 17 carats, the vintage cut set in a classic diamond platinum band is truly breathtaking.

victoria beckham oval engagement ring

The style icon appears to have a penchant for designs that set the larger diamond amidst lots of smaller stones. This fancy light oval pink engagement ring is set in a dazzling French-set halo, which serves to further amplify its brilliance. Both the oval and pear are distinctive cuts with truly antique appeal.

victoria beckham's engagement ring yellow

In 2006, however, Victoria was spotted wearing a more unusual diamond ring. The start of her fancy colored diamond and gemstone ring collection, this style features a large emerald-cut fancy yellow diamond, set on a triple band of yellow gold.

victoria beckham's emerald ring

Just a year later, David surprised her with this absolutely stunning emerald and diamond ring. Cut in an oval shape, the vivid green hue of her center emerald is surrounded with the sparkle of a diamond halo. This piece reminds us of Elizabeth Taylor’s tastes – not afraid to experiment with color, and utterly glamorous.

victoria beckham's engagement rings ruby

This ruby cocktail ring has a similar style, with more of an art deco twist. The split shank seamlessly meets the halo and parts to enhance the curves of the ruby center stone. While Victoria’s birthstone is the diamond – her birthday is April 17th – that doesn’t mean she can’t also enjoy the more colorful gemstones!

victoria beckham's radiant engagement ring

Victoria’s radiant-cut diamond ring has an estimated worth of half a million pounds, and looks to be over 15 carats. We love how Victoria completes the look with princess-cut diamond studs – mirroring the bold angles of her ring’s stone.

victoria beckham's sapphire engagement ring

This blue sapphire ring of Victoria’s is just extraordinary. Perfectly symmetrical with evenly vibrant color across the stone, a classic four-prong setting means the eye is simply drawn to the gemstone itself. Victoria’s use of color in her accessories is the ideal complement to the predominantly neutral tones in her tailored wardrobe. They add a pop of luxurious color to any ensemble, and she knows just how to pose with them for the perfect photo.

victoria beckham emerald engagement ring

At this year’s Wimbledon Championships, the star was spotted wearing yet another stunning piece – this time, an elegant emerald-cut diamond on a yellow gold band. Whether a gift to celebrate her 40th birthday earlier this year, or to mark the Beckham’s 15th wedding anniversary, it’s another dazzling addition to her remarkable jewelry collection.

Which of Victoria Beckham’s engagement rings is your favorite? Do you like the idea of having several rings to switch up your look, or do you prefer having one ring to symbolize your relationship? Let us know in the comments!

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