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Colouring it right

Be it a wedding, a baptism, a birthday, a party, or just another normal day at college or work, someone
is sure to come up with an idea of colour theme! Well, it’s fun to go thru your wardrobe and find that
perfect outfit or mix and match till you get that perfect combo, but what about jewellery? Surely you
don’t want to walk in with the same coloured outfit and jewellery too!! No! What you need to do is go
for a contrast. Or complementary colours at the most. Whether its ethnic, bridal, casual or formal, here
are some colour combinations that are sure to up your style quotient by several notches.

Gold: The most traditional and safest bet to pair with any kind of outfit. All you need to be careful is to
make sure you don’t pair a traditional type of ornament with an out-and-out western attire. Though
sometimes, you can carry that off too as fusion style.

Reds: The crimson colour is one that can complement as well as be a classy contrast. You can pair it
comfortably with most colours in your wardrobe, especially whites, browns, greens, deep blue and such.
It takes a bit of finesse to pair a red with orange or yellow hues, but it can be done. Many of our
jewellery come with red enamel work. Rubies, garnets, etc. also are good red pieces of jewellery to have
when it comes to mixing and matching.

Greens: Like red, green coloured jewellery too can be matched with most attires. Green and red, green
and pink, with any kind of blue shades, browns, yellows, oranges, you name it, green pairs well with it.
So, pick out your emeralds, jades, green crystals etc. and match it or contrast it with the colour theme of
the day.

Silver: This is yet another colour that is at once traditional and modern. Ethnic silver jewellery are a
beauty when paired with ethnic apparel. And modern pieces of silver can be classy as well as trendy any
time of the day or night and for any occasion. However, if there is gold or bronze embellishment on your
attire, make sure you stay away from silver.

Platinum jewellery, meanwhile, is another must have in your jewellery box. Like silver, platinum can be
paired well with any kind of outfit and spells out S-T-Y-L-E like nothing else.

White: Pearls, moonstones, diamonds. Nothing spells white like jewellery studded with these stones.
Wear pearls to give your attire and yourself a classy feel. Moonstones are dreamy stones that can be
paired with most attire, especially western outfits. Diamonds, now, are available for any occasion. So
depending on your mood, and your apparel, of course, pick your favourite diamond jewellery and flaunt
your style all day long.

If complementary colours are more of your style than contrasts, go for gemstone studded jewellery. The
purplish amethyst or the pinkish morganite, for instance, will go beautifully with pinks and lavenders.
The golden-hued citrine can be paired with yellows and oranges to get a blended rather than stark look,
while turquoises, opals and tourmalines will gel brilliantly with blues and greens.

Now that’s how you can accessorise your colour-themed apparel with complementing coloured
jewellery. But do note that you could definitely make your jewellery your basic colour code and then
pick apparel to go with it. So, if green is the colour theme, bring out the bling in green and pair it with
your prettiest attire and rock the day.


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