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Rajamukhi & Zaira: All about royalty & elegance

Jos Alukkas has always been known for its fashionable designs and variety. Rajamukhi and Zaira jewellery collections further endorse this creativity and style.

As if transported from a different era, the Rajamukhi collection is the embodiment of traditional Indian royalty and with its rustic appeal, it is almost impossible not to be fascinated by this antique treasure. Rajamukhi is a collection of traditional bridal jewellery inspired by jewels of royalty that’s part of our country’s heritage. One look at it and you can sense the old regal charm it carries. The Rajamukhi collection which consists of gold bridal jewellery sets and grand neckpieces filled with intricate designs, studded with various gems is sure to make the bride feel like royalty. Although a little lavish and heavy, this collection is truly timeless. It is a bit of a contrast to the Zaira collection—another range of jewellery from Jos Alukkas.

Like the name, Zaira is a unique and trendy collection of jewellery which is subtle yet classic. The collection showcases diamond necklaces and chokers which are perfect to parties, functions or even just to add some shine and glamour to an outfit! The contemporary designs are certainly eye catching and make a statement from the confident woman who wears it. Each of the neckpieces has an exclusive pendant design. Some have large, bold pendants whereas some are all about diamonds set in interesting patterns. With modern designs in earrings and bracelets, Zaira is a collection that brings out style and elegance in a woman.

Rajamukhi and Zaira are jewellery collections that differ in design aspects, but are equally gorgeous and stylish. Rajamukhi takes one back to the era of queens and princesses and with its lavish designs, makes the woman who wears it feel like a royal treasure. Zaira is a classic diamond collection, whose chic charm simply cannot go unnoticed! Both make you feel like a star. Come to Jos Alukkas and find jewellery that flatters you, from the unique Rajamukhi and Zaira collections!



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