Beautiful 7-Carat Oval Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Everywhere you look rose gold halo rings are continuing to climb higher on the Billboard of must-have engagement ring trends. If you’re looking for a great combination of something unique and romantic – rose gold is where it’s at.

Everyone knows that a dose of rose gold makes everything better, and this 7-carat oval rose gold engagement ring is no exception. There’s just something about a ring of rose gold instantly gives the ring a totally different feel. It’s something that says sophisticated and expensive whereas a halo ring in white gold or platinum looks modern and formal. Rose gold rings have been known to add warmth as well as a vintage sensibility. They’re pretty much perfect for anyone.

Where does the color come from?

The color rose gold is created when the alloy contains more copper than any other element. The copper is what creates the gorgeous hue that is rose gold. The shade of the hue can vary from designer to designer. An example of this would be how Uneek rings are a brighter, cooler pink and Verragio’s are a true rose gold. Then there’s Tacori’s blend that creates sumptuous warmth. Like we said, there really is a rose gold for every bride! 

What’s the scoop on this ring?

Meet one of the most popular rose gold engagement rings at Raymond Lee Jewelers. Combined perfectly with a rose gold setting and oval stone this 7-carat engagement ring is glittering and romantic. It’s currently only available in-store (we strongly encourage you to visit). 

Final Thoughts

Choosing an engagement ring is without a doubt a tough decision to make. But don’t you just love this beautiful 7-carat rose gold engagement ring? It brings the thought of an engagement ring to a whole new level. You can visit our store if you’re interested in this particular ring, or you can shop more rose gold engagement rings here. 

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