44 East-West Set Engagement Rings For The Modern Bride

The classics are undeniable as far as engagement rings go. Sometimes, however, a subtle shift in perspective will modernize a timeless look, bringing nuance and directional appeal to an otherwise traditional ring. For 2018, that look du jour is East-West set engagement rings.

Classic stone shapes like ovals and pears as well as emerald, marquise, and cushion cuts are being given the horizontal treatment for a decidedly fresh aesthetic. Likewise for modern shapes like hexagons and portrait-cut stones. Whether in the form of diamonds or gemstones, East-West set engagement rings are unique and rather unexpected, but not so alternative that those who covet tradition can’t appreciate the trend.

Solitaire stones are breathtaking in a side-to-side setting—the most modern of brides will appreciate a sleek metal band or one with delicate pavé. If you prefer a little-added sparkle, go for a halo or side stones to up the ante. Thicker bands and signet styles resonate well for a contemporary bride who doesn’t necessarily want a ring that’s overly precious.

East-West set engagement rings don’t exclusively appeal to a super modern aesthetic. Raw diamonds and vintage-style rings are available to charm those who want a bit more character. For the bride-to-be interested in dimension, mixed-metal variations or a style with gemstones will do the trick.

One of the best aspects of an East-West set engagement ring is that you can always change it down the line should your tastes change. If it’s a style you’re feeling drawn to now, you should go for it! Don’t let the fact that it’s a trendy look discourage you. If ten years down the line you’re no longer into it, it’s a simple tweak.

If you think an East-West set engagement ring is right for you, we’ve pulled together 44 styles from dainty and delicate to dramatic and ornate. You’ll love this fresh perspective .

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