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Engagement ring shapes and styles come and go, but some are here to stay. Here are the top engagement ring trends of 2019 that we saw at Ritani.


Most Popular Diamond Shapes of 2019

Round-shaped diamonds were the #1 choice for engagement rings in 2019, making up 48% of sales. This classic shape creates the most sparkle and looks beautiful on any finger. 

The second most popular choice for engagement rings was cushion-shaped diamonds. 17% of Ritani customers chose cushion-shaped diamonds. 

The third most popular choice: oval-shaped diamonds. This shape has become more and more popular each year – 10% of Ritani customers chose oval diamonds in 2019. This shape is extremely flattering on fingers as it creates the illusion of a longer, more slender hand. Oval-shaped diamonds also have a large surface area, making them appear larger than diamonds of a similar carat weight. 

The fourth most popular diamond shape of 2019 was princess cut diamonds, making up 9% of sales. Princess cut diamonds have long been admired for their clean lines and ample sparkle. 

Emerald cut diamonds were the fifth most popular choice of 2019, chosen by 8% of our customers. This diamond shape is extremely popular amongst celebrities. 

Radiant diamonds were the sixth most popular choice, making up 3% of sales. 

Pear-shaped diamonds were the seventh most popular choice, also making up 3% of sales.

Both Asscher and marquise cut diamonds made up 1% of sales. 

Heart-shaped diamonds were the least popular, making up 0% of sales. 

Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings of 2019

Solitaire engagement rings were the most popular choice of 2019, making up 33% of sales.

Sidestone and halo engagement rings were also very popular – each made up 31% of sales.

Vintage settings and three-stone settings were the least popular, each making up 2% of sales.

Most Popular Carat Weights of 2019

0.75 carat – 1-carat diamonds were the most popular choice for engagement rings, chosen by 21% of our customers.

1.01 – 1.25-carat diamonds were the second most popular choice, making up 18% of sales.

Diamonds between 1.26 – 1.50 carats were the third most popular choice, making up 8% of sales.

The Average Engagement Ring Cost Per State in 2019

The overall average cost of an engagement ring in 2019 was $7,750. Here’s how much each state spent on average.

State Average Engagement Ring Spend
Alabama $5,255
Alaska $6,143
Arizona $6,684
Arkansas $5,422
California $9,482
Colorado $5,858
Connecticut $4,261
D.C. $8,545
Delaware $4,024
Florida $8,809
Georgia $8,809
Hawaii $5,733
Idaho $5,197
Illinois $9,197
Indiana $4,181
Iowa $4,939
Kansas $8,947
Kentucky $7,198
Louisiana $7,959
Maine $3,184
Maryland $7,553
Massachusetts $8,193
Michigan $8,535
Minnesota $7,050
Mississippi $4,106
Missouri $7,071
Montana $6,353
Nebraska $5,873
Nevada $6,560
New Hampshire $6,832
New Jersey $8,842
New Mexico $5,996
New York $8,785
North Carolina $7,133
North Dakota $6,631
Ohio $7,796
Oklahoma $5,294
Oregon $5,126
Pennsylvania $7,552
Rhode Island $5,185
South Carolina $7,874
South Dakota $3,005
Tennessee $7,368
Texas $8,063
Utah $3,682
Virginia $4,911
Washington $10,109
West Virginia $4,968
Wisconsin $5,661
Wyoming $6,670

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Metals of 2019

#1: 14kt White Gold
#2: Platinum
#3: 18kt White Gold
#4: 18kt Yellow Gold
#5: 18kt Rose Gold

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