You’re All Attending Zoom School Of Law Now — Show Your Pride!

The USNWR rankings are out, not that anyone cares right now. Until the coronavirus lockdown is complete, there are really only two law schools out there so let’s rank them like U.S. News would:

1. The Zoom School of Law
RNP. Blackboard

Congratulations on joining the T1!

To commemorate this bizarre time in your professional lives — a time you’ll be telling the 2042 summer associate class all about over cocktails at an outing to an oceanside resort (given climate change models, we’ll assume this resort is in Tennessee) — you should get some swag! And while you’re at it, contribute to a good cause.

The folks over at Law School Memes for Edgy T-14s have a Zoom School of Law shirt celebrating your new law school with the proceeds going to fund food banks — which is a critically important cause with everyone losing their jobs around the country:

We, the admins of Law School Memes for Edgy T-14s, are very excited to share our school spirit with the world! 100% of the proceeds from this campaign will be donated to Feeding America, which funds a network of food banks across the US. The importance of food banks is ever increasing as schools around the country are closing, eliminating the source of two meals a day for millions of kids. Every dollar donated to Feeding America provides ten meals for families facing hunger. So rock your Zoom School of Law pride, show your grandkids this memory of what law school was like, and help us fund food banks nationwide.

Be sure to grab a shirt here.

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