Which KPIs Are Most Important For Managing Your Firm?

What is a KPI?” was one of the most common responses from solo and small-firm lawyers when we asked them which metrics were most important in managing their practices. Meanwhile, their peers focusing on such KPIs as matter velocity and timekeeper utilization are poised to overtake their competitors. Clearly, technological and operational savvy varies wildly among small law firms, from unreconstructed Luddism to the bleeding edge of early adoption. Where does your practice fit in? Our free report, The Small Legal Practice Tech Adoption Landscape, will help you benchmark your practice and inform your efforts to innovate and optimize your own client service.

In late 2019, Above the Law fielded a survey of attorneys at small and mid-sized law firms. We wanted to hear about the choices that were being made regarding technology and the role it could play, or does play, for such practices. We asked respondents about their tech toolsets, including analytics, AI, client management tools, and other emerging technologies. We asked about the steps that have been taken towards integration and automation, and the platforms that may have helped these processes. All of this data is segmented by position and practice area.

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