Trending: Fancy Cut East-West Engagement Rings

Looking for a unique twist on an engagement ring that doesn’t mess with the clean lines you adore? For a modern take on vintage-inspired fancy diamond shapes, an east to west engagement ring may be just the thing for you.

With the center diamond positioned horizontally, rather than vertically, it stretches across the finger for a distinctive silhouette. Not only does this make a smaller diamond appear larger, it also utilizes diamond shapes which are generally less expensive.

Here are a few of our favorite east to west settings!

East to West Settings for Emerald Diamonds

Emerald shaped diamonds are particularly well-suited for horizontal settings because of their large open facets that run parallel with the band, emphasizing a beautiful continuity that symbolizes your love.


The halo of french set diamonds makes this east to west emerald shaped center stone appear positively heavenly. Hand-cast in 14kt white gold, you’ll adore the simple elegance of this horizontal engagement ring for all the years you wear it.

$1,770 (setting only) – SHOP NOW
Also available in Yellow and Rose gold.


Mirroring the signature Vs left by the facets of the step cuts found in an emerald center stone, this diamond V halo band envelopes your center stone with 54 diamonds glittering in 950 platinum.

$2,970 (setting only) – SHOP NOW
Also available in Yellow, Rose, and White gold.

See more emerald-shaped east to west settings on Ritani’s Instagram page!

East to West Settings for Oval Diamonds

Oval shaped diamonds are a charming nod to the past, and a horizontal orientation beautifully showcases the unmatched brilliance and fire they deliver.


The elegance of the french-set halo on this horizontal oval diamond ring highlights the centerpiece with delicately placed side stones. 18kt rose gold ups the romance.

$1,990 (setting only) – SHOP NOW
Also available in Yellow and White gold.

See more oval east to west settings on Instagram!

East to West Settings for Marquise Diamonds

Marquise shaped diamonds are one of the most striking options for an east to west setting. With intense sparkle, these diamonds have the greatest size appearance per carat, making them an incredible value as well.


With a halo of french-set diamonds, the pointed ends of the center marquise stone are reminiscent of an open eye, seeing into your wonderful future. Hand-cast in 18kt white gold, it’s a brilliant symbol of your love.

$1,990 (setting only) – SHOP NOW
Also available in Yellow and Rose gold.

East to West Settings for Radiant Diamonds

Radiant shaped diamonds have the same rectangular profile as emerald shaped diamonds but instead of parallel step cuts, they are faceted the same way as round brilliant diamonds, giving them amazing sparkle. Setting them in a horizontal orientation emphasizes this brilliance and fire.


It’s rare that a ring with so much going on also gives the impression of being understated and elegant, but the symmetry and clean lines in this three-stone masterpiece manage to do just that. Set in 18kt yellow gold, this ring is fit for a queen.

$3,220 (setting only) – SHOP NOW

Also available in White and Rose gold.

These are just some of the gorgeous, handcrafted east to west settings by Ritani. The true beauty of this type of setting is the joy you feel seeing your diamond from a unique and unexpected perspective.

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