This Festive Season, Buy Only IGI Certified Natural Diamonds


The International Gemological Institute (IGI), the largest global independent gem certification and appraisal institute, has urged consumers to buy only certified Natural Diamonds this festive season!IGI has partnered with many leading jewelers in the City (24 cities across India) for the ‘Own A Billion-Year Old Diamond’ month-long awareness campaign till November 5, 2018, to cover auspicious festival days such as Navratri, Dassehra, Durga Asthami, Ekadashi, Sharad Purnima, Karwa Chauth, Dhanteras and Diwali amongst others.

IGI’s awareness campaign seeks to redefine and restore consumer confidence and trust in addition to reiteratingthe timeless legacy of Natural Diamonds. A creation par excellence, a diamond is born after billions of years in extreme heat and pressure when fragments of carbon turn into diamonds. With this initiative, IGI and the associate jewelers intend to make diamond lovers aware of the process that goes behind perfecting a diamond and to make them feel part of the timeless story. After all, diamonds are older than life on Earth, a true miracle of nature!

Tehmasp Printer, Managing Director, IGI –India, said, “The integrity of a natural diamond lies in its origin and at IGI, we stand by the billion-year-old journey it takes. The legacy of a natural diamond is unparalleled and it is this sense of pride that we aspire to pass on to the owners of natural diamonds across the globe.“ He added, “This festival, own a piece of excellence which is a billion dollars old! The Natural Diamond authenticated by IGI, the Global Authority in Diamonds, Gemstone and Jewellery Grading, is a mark of trust and confidence. IGI report and certificate verifies that every diamond you own is at least a billion years old, naturally created within the womb of Mother Earth. IGI authenticates and certifies the journey that a diamond takes from the mines to the market.”

Jewellery design is complete only when every diamond in the impression is carefully validated and identified by an authority that stands by its journey. A diamond is assessed on the basis of the 4C’s – cut, clarity, colour and carat and IGI brings the 5th C, that of confidence to your diamond, spreading the brilliance the jewel. Become a part of the legacy. Own a billion-year-old diamond. Ask for a Certified Natural Diamond!

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