The Golden Rules of Not Losing Your Engagement Ring

Snuggle Up

An engagement ring that truly fits won’t fall off: “You should struggle a bit to remove it, especially over the knuckle,” says De Beers’s Balzano-Hull. Get fitted in the afternoon, when your finger is at its thinnest.

Remove It Wisely

“Certain activities can cause rings to fall off,” Legg says. Avoid wearing it around anything slippery— sweat, water, soap, and beauty products (especially lotion).

Know Its Place

Keep a special dish in your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom— the rooms where you’re most likely to remove your ring, Legg says. “If you consistently put it in the same few places, there’s never a question of where it is.”

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When you’re away from home, she recommends sliding it onto a locking cable keyring that’s attached to your key chain. After all, you can’t get very far without your keys.

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