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Essential 5The five elements? The five second rule? No no, this article is about a much more interesting
five, here is a blog post on the 5 most essential, stylish and absolutely necessary jewellery
items for every woman!

Well you know how Marylin Monroe said diamonds are a girl’s best friend? She was definitely
right about that! A pair of diamond studs is just what a woman needs to complete almost any
kind of look. Whether it's for a cocktail dress kind of evening or just a simple saree kind of
occasion, diamond studs are simple, elegant and match every kind of outfit you have.
Jhumkas, jeans and your favourite kurti, sounds like a perfect chilled out outfit right?
An indo western look or even a traditional Indian outfit would be just incomplete without the
good ol’ reliable jhumkas. Silver or gold jhumkas come in various sizes and finishes and always
add a bit of extra glamour to any outfit!

Looking for an accessory that isn’t too loud but still makes a statement? A basic gold or rose
gold chain with a minimalist pendant is a must have in your jewellry box. Pair it with a casual
summer dress or a fancy party outfit, it stands out either way.

A beautiful silk saree deserves an equally beautiful neck piece and that's why a traditional
choker or necklace is essential. Some prefer gold with lots of intricate designs and details, but
even a simple design would match most sarees and help you ace that desi look.

For those special days, a gold kada-bangle is just what one needs to make her day even more
special. They are traditionally worn with only sarees or grand Indian outfits but why not spruce
up your salwaar kameez with gorgeous kadas of your choice and give your outfit a whole new

These 5 accessories are a must have in every woman’s jewellery box. They are beautiful,
versatile and special, the fabulous 5!



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