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The Classy Diva!

Whether its diamonds in art deco jewellery or the classic pearl strings, some international jewellery trends have always been enticing and irreplaceable. But can these classic jewellery international pieces be paired with some our classic desi outfits? Of course they can! So next time, ditch the old jhumkas with georgette for some classy indo western jewellery trends!

The first one you can try out is the new Minimalist jewellery trend which is now hugely popular. Made of either silver or gold, these simple yet stylish designs are definitely eye catching and give your outfit a trendy indo-western twist if it’s paired with a simple kurta or salwar.

Looking for exciting jewellery to wear with a grand saree? Want a break from the traditional gold necklaces? Think platinum or even silver. International designs show you a range of modern, chic jewellery in glorious platinum. Give your jhumkas some rest and go for fancy, big contempoary designs. A balance of modern and traditional can be a winner, if done right!

One of the most popular indo-western styles of jewellery is chunky, casual jewellery or layered jewellery. Large pieces, colourful stones, bold designs, layers can all make an eye-popping style statement. Junk jewellery goes great with any styles—both street fashion as well as grand Indian outfits. The trick is to let the jewellery do the talking and keep the clothes simple, elegant & bold. Try and avoid clothes with bright colours or loud prints so that it doesn’t look too loud or gaudy.

Art inspires fashion very often. Glam up your desi look with jewellery that is aesthetic, has a hint of colour and yet is globally chic. Some of our jewellery collections bring you a range of such designs—elegantly stylish! They are not too bright or flashy so it will bring out the colours and designs of your dress while adding a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

With all these diverse international jewellery designs, blend in your personal style too and you can add charm and variety to your style and be a classy desi diva!



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