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Store it right, keep it bright!

‘The more you cherish something, the longer it stays with you’ is something one should keep in when it comes to jewellery. Most of us get lazy when it comes to storing jewellery and often dump it all in one box. This affects the quality and life of the jewellery, and also makes it inconvenient to pick the right jewellery easily. In this article, we hope to give you an idea on how to store and preserve your jewellery neatly and safely!

A simple way to organize your jewellery is to put them into various compartments or separate boxes. Try to store them in the little boxes that they come in. That is the most convenient and an effective way to avoid your necklaces and chains from getting tangled with the rest of your jewellery. Keeping all jewellery in one box could also result in some of it getting scratched (believe me, this is not the kind of engraving that you would want on jewellery!). To avoid it, wrap each of your stone-studded precious jewellery in satin or silk pieces of cloth. You can make small strips from old, torn dresses or sarees.

Storing similar items together could also help you find your jewellery much more easily when you’re in a rush. Having separate boxes for your smaller earrings and rings not only makes it much more convenient to find it but makes sure that you never have to go through those irritating situations where you need to untangle three of four rings from a necklace before you use it!

Make sure you have separate compartments for separate metals. Don’t cramp your diamonds with a bunch of gold chains. Treat each piece with love and store it neatly. For your silver jewellery collection too, find small pouches or string them onto a jewellery organiser stand or board. These are easily available at most stores, online sites or you can even make them yourself.

Cleaning jewellery is a tricky and delicate process. Using a soft cloth and warm water is usually one of the best ways to clean it. Avoid scrubbing and using harsh chemicals while cleaning gold, diamond, platinum or even silver as it loses its luster after continuously washing it. Another important tip is to make sure that the cleaned jewellery is completely dry before you put it back into its box. Especially with studded rings and other gems, if they are not dried properly before storing, they will eventually become dull and lose their shine.

With these tips, hope you have found easy ways to keep your jewellery shining and neat for a longer time and to save yourself from the stress of untangling and sorting jewellery.  Now, flaunt your favourite jewellery pieces in all its sparkle and shine!



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