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Shapes, Colours, Sizes and Jewellery

Since the start of the civilization, people have always loved to accessorize. Earrings, nose pins, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and chains have been worn dating back to the 4th century B.C. These stand out as antiquities today. Jewellery come in various forms, shapes and sizes and made from a host of materials, these also depict the culture and history.

The value that Indian women attach to jewellery is immense. It has been an essential adornment through ages. People consider it to be a symbol of status too. An important ingredient of human cultures, a great outfit cannot be complete without the right accessories.

Now is the age of fashion jewellery—be it jewellery made of gold, platinum silver, diamonds or imitations jewellery, women make their choices based on their personal tastes, culture, ethos and professions.

Yes, no doubt beauty is skin deep. People mostly choose their wardrobes based on what they think would suit them—be it their skin tone, body type or age. But there may be times when people are made to feel inferior because of their body shape, or the color of their skin. Every person should learn. Never let this break your confidence or self-worth. Every person is beautiful and their inner beauty is perennial. The jewellery one wears only adds that quintessential charm to their persona.

Women must wear what makes them happy, comfortable and confident. It could be jewellery from glossy, lustrous diamonds, to translucent stone made pendants; it could be a delicate pendant to adorn the neck, a dainty ring for the fingers, a sleek bracelet for the wrist, a beady necklace, a chunky dangler or even a simple chain.

Define your own beauty and set your own benchmarks, as your style is an extension of your choices, beliefs and identity. Nothing can make a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful. You need not be flawless, nobody is! Every person is beautifully imperfect and elegantly flawed. That is what makes each person unique.

Every woman is special – A masterpiece, rare and shining…forever. And ever!


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