Sell Your Jewelry For the Most Money After Divorce

Sometimes the relationship you have with your partner just doesn’t work. Many factors become a reason and eventually, it results in divorce. Divorce can be a very painful process. It can drain you emotionally and financially. 

Not only are you emotionally unstable but you find yourself with a lot of expenses that need to be met to lead your daily life. So why not use your jewelry to ease your problem. It may not solve all the problems but it is a good start to stand on your feet again.

Therefore, sell your jewelry even though you feel like it may not have such good value and you will be surprised how much it can be worth in the market. Hence, we will guide you to sell your jewelry for the most price and learn more about jewelry auctions.

Things you should keep in mind before selling your jewelry 

It is a wise decision to take some precautions before you decide to sell your jewelry. If you are unaware of what to do then rest assured, we have it all covered. Here are some factors you should consider before selling your precious jewelry-

Know the worth of your jewelry 

Just because your ex-husband told you that it is a fine piece that his grandmother passed on from generation to generation, doesn’t always make it valuable. Chances are that fine-looking jewelry may not contain real diamonds or gold. So before you rush to the market and demand a hefty price, make sure to check its quality and authenticity.

Here at, we can check the authenticity and quality for you. We provide an unbiased opinion of the stone’s characteristics and condition, at the same time, highlight the positive and negative attributes which can affect its value.

Make sure to set a realistic price 

If you have unrealistic price expectations for your diamond then chances are high that the real price will make you disappointed. Depending on the quality and authenticity, you will have a good prediction on how much it can be. 

You can check our websites to see if there are similar jewelry prices already in the market. But if you don’t want to take the hassle then we will take the burden off you and give an estimated price of the fine jewelry you are willing to sell.

If you want to sell your jewelry at the best price then our websites offer the best possible biddings. We can help to sell your precious ring or other jewelry in no time.

Be emotionally ready before you are willing to sell 

Diamonds are regarded as symbols of passion or love. It can be very hard to part with than any other price of the jewelry. But you must leave your emotion out before you wish to sell. The sentimental value might increase the price of the diamond in your eyes, but for a potential buyer, it won’t be anything more than a piece of jewelry.

Most importantly, if you sell your jewelry before you are emotionally ready then it can bring long-lasting regrets. It is not just a piece of jewelry but it is the physical evidence that is engraved with lots of memories. So only if you are past the sentimental value and its history, then you can go forward and sell your fine-looking jewelry.

To make sure your sacrifice does not go in vain, we make sure to offer the highest price of the jewelry you own.

How does our Jewelry Auction work?

Over the years jewelry auctions have become a popular event as many buyers and sellers accepted this process. So we make sure to provide this facility on our site too. If you are new to jewelry auction then let us break it down for you, jewelry auction is a process where people can place bids on certain items, the person with the highest bidder gets the opportunity to buy that particular piece of item.

But the catch is, the time is limited and after the timer runs out, the auction is permanently declared sold to the last highest bidder. The whole thing can be easily done sitting on your couch with your mobile or pc. The opportunity to bid on the item you like without being physically present there makes it more interesting and convenient for the buyers.

But for presenting your precious piece for auction, we make sure to follow all the protocols strictly. The process is as follows-

1. Inspection

To make sure you get the highest possible price of your jewelry, the process we go through is inspecting and checking its authenticity thoroughly. After the inspection, we provide an estimation of the item and the seller can set a price that is comfortable for him/her

2. Shipping process 

To ease the hassle, we take the shipping process into our hands. And the best thing is our shipping is completely free of charge and fully insured by FedEx. Our delivery partner

handles your shipping with care. All you need to do is take a few pictures of our jewelry and send them to (214) 707-0324.

3. Presentation 

After we ship your valuable item to our premises, we clean and polish your jewelry thoroughly and the hired professional photographers do the rest of the magic. We photograph in HD from every angle to bring out the best of it. 

4. Grading

Grading is an important protocol that we never neglect. The grading is done by an objective third-party grading from industry-leading experts of GIA which is short for Gemological Institute Of America.

5. Promotion

Since we have a wide range of extensive buyer networks on multiple websites and social media, we can guarantee to sell with handsome profit while creating an action list for you. So, without worrying about anything, all you have to do is sit back and relax while we do the heavy work for you.

6. Reasonable commission 

Our cut is done through reasonable commission and the percentage is set on the price of the valuables that will be sold for.