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Everyone knows that buying online means lower prices and greater selection. But for the largest and most important purchases, people still think twice about buying online.

Case in point: Many people wonder if it’s a good idea to buy diamonds online. Particularly if you’re shopping for an engagement ring, which can be one of the most nerve-wracking shopping experiences in your life.

In fact, most people do about 6 weeks of research before selecting a ring, and one of the toughest questions can be whether to buy a diamond online vs in a traditional retail store. For example, a lot of people are turned off by the high pressure sales tactics in a retail environment, not to mention the often limited jewelry inventories full of mass-produced designs.

On the flip side, how do you know whether an online jeweler is reputable and trustworthy? What if the ring on your screen doesn’t live up to your expectations in real life? What if you need to get it resized, or return it?

Online Jeweler Comparison

With an industry-disrupting business model, Ritani solves these concerns with a best-of-both-worlds solution: The Free In-Store Preview. The In-Store Preview service allows you to order a handcrafted engagement ring online with guidance from expert gemologists, then preview it free of charge at your local independent jeweler.

But how does Ritani stack up to its online competition? Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the top online engagement ring sites.

Ritani James Allen Blue Nile
Free Shipping & 30-day returns Yes Yes Yes
Diamond Price Matching Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Gemologist Yes Yes No
Free In-Store Previews Yes No No
Free Jewelry cleaning and in-store services Yes, at any one of 200+ partner retail stores Yes, but $30 for shipping and takes about 2 weeks Yes, but limited locations or you must pay for insured shipping
Free In-Store pickup and returns Yes No No
Custom Engraving Free Free $25.00
Guaranteed Handcrafted in U.S Yes  Yes  No
Free Custom Ring Design Yes Yes Yes with non-refundable deposit
Custom Designed Ring Delivery (once final design is approved) 1-2 wks varies 8-12 wks


No matter how many reports you read, pictures you see, or videos you watch, it’s almost impossible to get the same impression of a diamond online as seeing it in person. And while most online jewelers let you return a ring that doesn’t live up to your expectations, it can tie up quite a bit of cash while you wait for that return to go through.

With Ritani’s Free In-Store Preview, you can choose your diamond and ring setting from a vast online inventory, add custom detailing, and view it at your local jeweler with absolutely no obligation to buy. This free service allows you to gain complete confidence in your choice of diamond and ring setting before you buy. And if you don’t like what you see, you can simply walk away. As we like to say: Love it–or leave it.

We think this is a pretty slick program, but don’t take our word for it. Read comments from happy Ritani customers:

We ordered my engagement ring online through Ritani. Opted for the in-store preview and it was fabulous! I searched around for what I wanted, and couldn’t find it so we had it made online through Ritani. I got to select the band and diamond. Was less expensive than every other jewelry store we looked at, and Ritani had better quality and certified diamonds. My engagement ring was appraised for insurance purposes and they appraised it for much higher than we paid. We were on the phone with Ritani a few times re: payment, shipping, etc. – Super responsive, talked with the same person from day 1 and she stayed in touch via email and phone. My ring is gorgeous and exactly what I wanted!  —Kendal, via weddingwire.com
Ritani was the only one that carried the specific type of diamond i was after and their prices and selection were amazing. Also, their customer service is professional, fast, and honestly the best i have ever encountered. —Matt, via weddingwire.com
I love my Ritani yellow gold oval solitaire! It is so beautiful and has amazing sparkle. My fiancé was very happy with their service and prices. It was wonderful to get exactly the ring I wanted. He was having difficulty finding what I wanted anywhere else, so I was thankful for Ritani’s large selection! —Robin, via weddingwire.com
Ritani makes the ring buying process extremely simple. I customized my fiancée’s ring through Ritani’s ring design service. After selecting the diamond I wanted and the overall ring design, Ritani shipped the ring to a local jeweler (at no cost to me) in order to make sure the ring was exactly what I wanted. Had I not been happy with the ring, the ring would have been shipped back to Ritani, and I would not have been responsible for any cost at all. Very happy with my experience with Ritani. Highly recommend. —Robert, via weddingwire.com

“I do not think it’s possible for me to be happier with my Ritani Masterwork engagement ring. When my fiancé popped the question, I literally gasped when he opened the Ritani box. The ring is breathtaking. It is absolutely stunning and not a day goes by without me receiving multiple compliments on it. Every time I look down at my left hand (which is very often, I must admit) I can’t help but smile and fall in love over and over again with my ring and my fiancé. The ring is very well-made, durable, and strong; as well as beautifully crafted, made from the highest quality stones, and so sparkly! I am proud to wear this ring every day and am so pleased with Ritani’s attention to detail and quality in my masterpiece. Ritani has made my every wish come true and I feel like the luckiest bride for finding the man of my dreams and getting the ring of my dreams! Thank you Ritani.

– Samantha R. Philadelphia, PA

The best online jewelry stores know that buying an engagement ring is both an extremely exciting and very stressful purchase. That’s why we offer a lot of services to help ease your way. In the end, you should choose the retailer that offers you the most flexibility and gives you the most confidence in your purchase.

The Ritani Difference

Ritani has revolutionized the way people purchase custom-made engagement rings, loose diamonds, and fine jewelry. The unique free-in-store preview service allows you all the flexibility and selection of purchasing online without foregoing the services you need from a local jeweler: in-person viewing, easy returns, free ring cleanings, and ongoing maintenance.

Ritani engagement rings are all handcrafted and made to order in our factory in New York. Each and every ring is special to us and goes through its own incredible journey on its way to you. See how each ring is designed and created in the video below.

Looking for more info on diamond buying? Learn how to select a high-quality diamond.

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