Ritani Proposal Story: Corey and Heather

While some romances are whirlwinds that sweep you off your feet, others grow slowly over time and yield an incredibly strong and resilient type of love. For Corey McKean, it wasn’t until he found Heather that he realized what true love was.

He and Heather met while they were both working as counselors at a summer camp, and became friends. They shared similar interests and bonded during the first few summers that they knew each other.

After a few years of getting to know each other as friends, they had their first official date: a hike along the picturesque Zealand Falls trail through the White Mountains National Forest in New Hampshire. “We had done other things together before going on that hike but there’s nothing quite like hiking,” said Corey. Hiking helps you get to know a person in a way that many other activities don’t; they both thought this marked a new phase in their relationship.

From that point on, “No matter the situation throughout our four plus years together, Heather proved that we can make it through anything. I wouldn’t say there was a specific moment that I realized I wanted to marry her, I’ve just always known that she was the one,” Corey said.

The Ring

When he decided it was time to propose, Corey didn’t know anything about engagement rings or diamonds. Being a very detail-oriented person, however, he thoroughly researched everything he needed to know before finally choosing the ring.

He started by asking Heather some hypothetical questions about what type of ring she would like. She gave him some ideas, which Corey made careful note of. Next, he needed to decide which jeweler to buy from.

During his research, he discovered Ritani’s team of diamond experts, and made prolific use of our online chat. He said of his experience, “Ritani was with me throughout the entire decision making process. They were always there to answer any question I had.” And, perhaps most importantly, “I found Ritani had the best quality diamonds.”

After months of research and many conversations with Ritani’s gemologists, Corey decided on a gorgeous cushion cut diamond set in a French-Set Halo Diamond “V” band. It was the style Heather had mentioned she liked most.


The Proposal

Corey wanted to create an experience for Heather that showed how much she meant to him and remind her of how they fell in love. With that in mind, a return to the scene of their first date seemed perfect. He decided June 30th would be the big day.

To keep it a complete surprise, Corey did quite a bit of planning, and scheduled everything down to the minute. He arranged for a photographer to meet them at the top of the Zealand Falls trail to capture the moment. He also enlisted Heather’s mother to gather her family together to meet them at the bottom of the trail afterward. Then he had to decide what to say for the actual proposal.


“I had a speech prepared for the top of the mountain when I went to propose. I had rehearsed it in my head for the entire month of June, and it seemed so easy. But let me tell you, in the moment, it most certainly was not. We both cried like babies and what was a minute-long speech in my head turned into a five minute cry fest, but I got through it,” he remembers.


Proposal Advice

We asked Corey if he had any proposal advice for others. “Make it memorable and meaningful. Do as much as you can to include everyone who is important to your fiancée. There were just as many tears during my proposal as there were when we got down to the bottom of the mountain and her entire family was there,” he said.

The couple is ecstatic for what the future holds and can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. “This is a huge step and milestone in any person’s life and I’m lucky enough to be able to do it with my best friend,” said Corey.

Congratulations to this wonderful couple. We wish them all the best!

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