Provide for your children

Provide for your children

Provide for your children:

How do you make provision for your children? Your attorney’s advice should help you decide on how to provide for your children. Consequently, don’t allow a stranger to rob them of what you worked so hard to achieve. Part of providing for your children is to build a new life build a new life.
The greatest gifts you can give your
  • children are the roots of responsibility and the
  • wings of independence. 

Financial Security:

Little to nothing done without financial security. Hence liquidating dead assets is a start. You also need to invest in income generating assets that provide passive income. Most noteworthy is real estate. You may have to get a job if you have been a stay at home mom. As a result you may have to go back to school. Whatever you decide or can afford, just do it. Your greatest asset, your children are watching.
First of all what can I sell? Due to I don’t have anything? Hence questions like these are always asked. The truth is you always have something to sell. Consequently sell your Jewelry on Divorce Your Ring at Auction or Consignment. You probably have stuff that can sell on Ebay. Furthermore do you have real estate? In addition is there Equity in your house? Most of all Calm down and think. It only seems like the sky is falling.

What should I do?

I would not take advice from friends or family. They’re biased. Speak to a Professional.
I do
  • Lawyer – about Divorce or legal documents.
  • Diamond Cutter – about loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry.
  • Real estate Agent – about your house or investment property.
I don’t do
  • the stock market because its gambling.
  • don’t buy a lottery ticket since its gambling.
  • I will not go to a get rich quick seminar.
These are a few things that I do and don’t do. In addition to those there are many others. In conclusion this is a short example of what you could do. I hope that helps.