Our 14 Favorite Engagement Rings on Etsy

So, you’re on the road to (or dreaming about it!) getting engaged. Congrats! If you or your (soon to be) fiancé don’t have a family heirloom already on the docket and you’re looking for a little ring-spiration (sorry, we had to), we suggest perusing one of our go-to sources for, well, pretty much everything—Etsy! Although Etsy engagement rings might be the first thing that come to mind, there are some really amazing sources with qualified sellers and of course some really beautiful designs. In the market for something vintage inspired, like a signet style, perchance? Or how about something minimalist with a modern, clean design…or maybe you want something a little funkier, with an asymmetrical setting and (gasp!) colored stones? Or maybe you’re a classic solitaire kinda gal. Guess what? Etsy has all those styles, and more! And the best part is, most of these are under $2000.

If you’re not in the market for an engagement ring, or maybe you’re already engaged or married and want a little something extra as, say, an anniversary present, a lot of these would make perfect stacking rings! Either with your current duo on your ring finger or separately if you feel like starting a new stack. We love the idea of your SO giving you an addition to your stack for momentous occasions (big job promotions, milestone anniversaries, etc)–so feel free to peruse our picks and save some to Pinterest for future use and future hints to your partner when the occasion rolls around.

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