Morning Docket: 10.23.18 | Above the Law

* Lawyer for Hughes Hubbard partner wants the other side to whip it out. [Law360]

* What if Martindale and Avvo came together into one website that no one looks at? [American Lawyer]

* Court says Michael Avenatti stiffed a contractor on the same day he’s kicked out of his office for being a deadbeat, further solidifying his position as the “liberal version of Trump.” [LA Times]

* Speaking of Trump, insurers can now kill your coverage over the pre-existing condition of “acne.” [NY Times]

* Justice Department advising agencies to lie about FOIA requests. Cool. [Courthouse News Service]

* In case you were wondering, the Mueller probe is not a witch hunt. [CNN]

* The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is now the number one IPO market in the world. Great job for the #MakeAmericaSecondRateAgain crowd! [International]

* Lawyer forcefully argues for Harvard admissions to reflect socioeconomic diversity. If this wasn’t a lawsuit bankrolled by white grievance they might be onto something. [Politico]

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