Morning Docket: 10.22.18 | Above the Law

President Donald Trump (screencap via White House YouTube feed)

* Remember how Trump promised that he’d “fight for” the transgender community while he was campaigning? Perhaps he meant that he’d fight to erase them. The Trump administration is reportedly considering defining sex under Title IX “based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth.” [New York Times]

* Democratic senators in Washington are refusing to return their blue slips for Perkins Coie partner Eric Miller, a Ninth Circuit nominee, and Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley is pissed. Slow your roll, Chuck. I thought we didn’t care about blue slips anymore? [The Recorder]

* About half of lawyers in the United Kingdom say they’re not ready to deal with Brexit. That’s okay. The United Kingdom isn’t ready to deal with Brexit either — and 40 percent of lawyers think their Biglaw firms will try to escape the UK because of it. [Am Law International]

* In case you missed it, Paul Manafort showed up at the Eastern District of Virginia on Friday afternoon in a wheelchair, citing health concerns as his attorney requested an expedited sentencing date. Manafort seems to have gotten what he wanted, and will be sentenced there on February 8. [National Law Journal]

* During his inauguration speech, the University of Virginia’s new president, James Ryan — a UVA Law graduate who once worked as a UVA law professor — pledged that tuition would be free for students whose families earned less than $80,000 a year. We wonder if that applies to law school tuition as well. [WTTF Fox 5]

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