Leibish & Co. Wins Extraordinary 2.34-ct Fancy Intense Pink Diamond at Argyle Diamond Tender


The Leibish Kimberly Rose Diamond

The Leibish Kimberly Rose Diamond

​Leibish & Co. has acquired three stones at this year’s “Beyond Rare – Argyle Pink Diamond Tender,” one of the industry’s most important events.

“Each exquisite stone we have secured is literally one in a million and we are proud to have won such coveted stones, including an extremely rare 2.34ct Fancy Intense Pink diamond, the ‘Kimberly-Rose,'” said Shmulik Polnauer, chief diamond buyer for Leibish & Co. “The demand for Argyle Diamonds has significantly increased over the last few years, for collectors, as well as for investors, and we look forward to introducing our customers to these phenomenal stones.”

The Argyle Mine is the world’s largest supplier of diamonds, accounting for approximately one-fifth of the world’s natural diamond production, and the producer of the finest pink diamonds available on the market. Colour diamonds are so rare that for every million carats of rough diamonds produced from the world-famous Argyle mine, only a select few are available for sale at the invitation-only tender. This year, Argyle offered 63 lots of its very best pink, red and violet stones mined over the past year.

Historical data indicates that fancy colour diamonds yield high returns when compared to other investment opportunities in commodities such as colourless diamonds, gold, platinum and silver, as well as the stock market. Argyle Pink Diamonds are among the rarest and most valuable stones in the colour diamond industry and with the Argyle Mine projected to close within the next couple of years, such stones are poised for significant appreciation.

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