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Jewellery Pieces that Speak of Passion

Remember as a young child or even as a youngster, when there was something you really wanted and you were told that you had to work towards getting it? It could be in terms of good behaviour, earning the requisite pocket money or some such. As you got into higher studies, the work force, the goals changed but the need for hard work and dedication remained steady, didn’t it?
Behind every success story and achievement is a good deal of hard work to see that dream to fruition. With an appreciation for this, you will understand how much of dedicated hard work goes into the creation of a piece of jewellery. Browse through the collections at Jos Alukkas jewellery and you will see that there are multiple collections—traditional, wedding, trendy—for men, women and children. Each of these collections have a multitude of designs inspired from multiple sources.
Jos Alukkas has a dedicated team of designers and jewellery artisans working constantly to update those collections. This means keeping an eye on the pulse of the customer, understanding the latest trend, creating designs that are inspired and not run-of-the-mill. Each of these designs go through multiple iterations to ensure that they satisfy the many criteria to reach the shelves of the store.
Working on these designs are the artisans and they have the most painstaking job of them all. After all, the work is intricate and has to meet specific standards of quality that Jos Alukkas will never compromise on. Depending on the style, artisans have their work cut out for them—traditional styles of Kundan, Meenakari and others require specific expertise. Such artisans are few and hard to come by, yet Jos Alukkas does have a good number of them on board.
Trendy designs need to be created in such a way that they capture the fancy of customers. This means sturdy designs that are in keeping with the latest trends and the quality standards of Jos Alukkas. These designs once created go through a rigorous process of quality checks before they are presented to customers on the display racks at stores. This quality is ensured on all the models that are made available on the brand’s website.
It is this elaborate process that makes every Jos Alukkas piece a wonderful one to own. Just as you understand the power of hard work and enjoy the fruits that come from it, so too the joy of owning a Jos Alukkas piece.



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