How To Survive Wedding Season On A Budget

“Wedding season” is the time when a majority of couples tie the knot, ranging from May to October. Of course, you want to be able to attend all of your close friends’ weddings, but traveling and buying gifts can get expensive. Here’s how to survive the wedding season on a budget.

1. Be selective.

During peak wedding season, you’ll likely receive multiple invites – but you don’t need to attend every wedding you are invited to. Couples completely understand that not everyone they are inviting to their wedding will actually be able to make it. Of course, you should make an effort to attend the wedding of a close friend – but it’s okay to pass on a wedding for someone you haven’t seen in years.

2. Book flights strategically.

Airfare can get expensive. When you’re looking for a flight, always use Private Browser or Incognito Mode. Otherwise, the airlines will use cookies and raise flight prices every time you return to the site.

Buying your flight months in advance doesn’t always ensure the cheapest tickets. For domestic flights, it is recommended that you book 3 weeks to 3 months in advance. 

It’s wise to track flight price fluctuations. Try Kayak, which will notify you of any changes so you can buy your tickets at the right time.

You should also take advantage of sites like Skyscanner to easily find cheap flights. 

3. Recycle or borrow outfits.

Borrowing dresses from friends is a cost-effective way to attend weddings. Or change up the look of dresses you already own through strategic accessorizing: borrow jewelry or wear different shoes for each event. 
Another great way to save money on wedding guest attire is by using unlimited clothing rental services like Armoire. Get your first two months for only $89 by using code RITANI89. Plus, you get free shipping both ways.

4. DIY

Unless you’re the one walking down the aisle, there’s really no need to blow your paycheck at the salon. See if you can recruit a talented friend to help you style your hair & makeup for the wedding.

5. Get a Group Gift

If you have friends going to the same wedding, consider going in on a group gift. With enough people, you can go in on a more lavish gift from the couple’s registry and spend less than you would have on an individual gift. 

Remember – watching your friends & family members get married is a fun, unique and exciting time – try to not get too caught up in finances and enjoy their special day!


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