How To Sell Used Watches At Top Dollar

Watches are considered a luxury item and have a huge demand in the market of fashion. So if you have a used luxury watch that you would like to sell at the highest return, then you have come to the right page. 

In this article, we will guide you by providing important tips and tactics to maximize your profit while selling your used watch.

Important Tips For Selling Used Watches 

Before you decide to sell your used watch, it is important to make it look the best in presentation. The pay will be much better if it is more presentable to the viewer. Here is what you should do- 

Assess the condition of your used watch

It is important to clean and evaluate the condition of your used watch. Make sure to check its functionality and damages. Before you are planning to sell, it is evident to confirm that your used watch works perfectly and that there are little-to-no major cosmetic issues to your watch.

If the condition is too severe then buyers won’t be interested in buying your piece.

Cleaning carefully

Watches are very sensitive when it comes to cleaning them. There are many cases where using cleaning agents hurt the look of the watch which then hurts its value too. It is best advised to wipe away any dirt or dust with a paper towel and water. In this way, your used watch is safe from physical damage while keeping it intact.

Some cleaning tips for your used watch

  • Abrasive cleaning agents should be strictly avoided.
  • To keep the condition of the watch safe, it is better to use a paper towel and lukewarm water to wipe the dirt off.
  • Pay more attention when cleaning hard-to-reach spots.
  • Stiff brush bristles should be always avoided. It is wise to use an extra soft brush to get in the hard-to-reach places on a metal band and watch head.
  • A leather cleaner should be used if you have a leather band.
  • It is best advised to take help from a local jeweler to buff out any scratches on the watch head only if the cost supports your final profit.

Boxing or Packaging 

If you have kept the box and papers that came with your used watch then you can use it as an advantage. This is because it will work in your favor of getting the highest possible offer. Buyers love buying the total package. 

Having the tags, warranty or original piece of paper that came with your used watch actually makes it look more legitimate to the buyer upon selling. So never understand the power of perceived value.

Take Pictures

Even though many people do not take this seriously but taking good photos of the watch you would like to sell can boost the chance of selling at a higher price. If you are not good at photography then ask your friend to help you. Clicking from the best angles makes your watch look more stunning and eye-catching.

One thing to note is that the picture should look as real as it is. Editing the contrast or brightness might look better in the picture but the buyer will lose faith in your product if it looks much different in real life. This can work as a double edge sword and decrease the price of your watch.

Use social media for promoting. 

After you have taken the good picture, the next step is to make sure other people get to see what you are selling. To maximize the chances of getting potential and genuine buyers, you must promote it on social media.

If your used watch is a high-value luxury item then you can spend some money to boost it on the social media platform. Since many buyers look for watches online, getting a buyer is not impossible if your product is genuine.

Where You Can Sell Your Used watches?

Since there is a huge market for selling and buying used watches, many platforms pay a good amount for buying your used watch. These are some of the places you can check-

  • Local Jewelry Stores: Even though local sites are trustworthy, you won’t get the highest profit by selling to them. Local stores have a business to run. When they buy a branded watch from you they sell them to a dealer, who will sell them to the local wholesaler. So even though you can sell your used watch to the local stores easily, you won’t get the most competitive prices.
  • Pawnshop: Pawn Shops are a good option if you are looking for fast cash, but not value. So it is better to set your expectations low and don’t expect a high return upon selling.
  • Consignment Shops: Even though consignment shops are quite easy to find, you still have to pay a high consignment rate and the sale can take longer than the expected time. Moreover, it is important to research the shop’s reputation and reliability.
  • Auction: Auction is one of the best ways to sell your used watch at the highest rate. This is because many auction platforms have a network of buyers who are willing to buy genuine watches that are unique and branded. The chances of getting scammed from a reliable action platform are very less.
  • eBay: many people use eBay to sell their used watches online. This may help to find the buyer but the risks are high too. There is a high chance of getting scammed plus you won’t get great value or security, and it won’t be sold with expert supervision.

In Conclusion: 

The demand for used watches is increasing every day as many more people are drawing towards owning luxury items. But it is very important to research thoroughly before you decide to sell your used watch.

Sadly, many people do not understand the real value of their luxury watches and get scammed selling them at much cheaper prices. So if you do not want to be scammed then follow our tips to maximize your profit.