How to find the perfect matching wedding band for your engagement ring

You’ve been proposed to with the engagement ring of your dreams, and your wedding day is approaching. Now is the time to find the perfect wedding band to match.

How much are engagement rings supposed to match with their wedding band? It’s really up to you. Nevertheless, people do often love the look of a bridal set that’s perfectly complementing. While Ritani offers bridal sets and suggestions on the band that suits your ring best, it’s also an option to select one for yourself.

The first step should be to determine your budget. While there are various traditions around what to spend on engagement rings – some suggest three months’ salary, for example – there are far fewer guidelines when it comes to the matching wedding band. We suggest examining your total wedding budget and deciding how much you both feel comfortable allocating to your jewelry. It’s important to keep in mind, of course, that long after the cake and flowers are gone, you’ll be wearing and enjoying your wedding rings day after day.

Next, take a look at your engagement ring. What features do you love about it the most? Does it hold a fancy-cut diamond that deserves to be noticed? Or do you appreciate the delicate milgrain and vintage detailing on its hand-carved band? Whatever its qualities, you should aim to choose a wedding band that enhances rather than distracts from these defining features.

Here is our guide on how to find the perfect matching wedding band for your engagement ring.


The majority of people prefer to get a wedding band that has the same precious metal as their engagement ring. However, there is no strict rule that says your wedding band has to completely match your engagement ring.



Queen Elizabeth II has a platinum engagement ring and a yellow gold wedding band, so if royalty can do it, so can you.


Determine what type of setting your engagement ring has. Your setting may impact the style of wedding band that you choose and how it looks with your engagement ring.

Some people prefer their wedding band to sit snug next to their engagement ring. An engagement ring with a high profile setting, such as a cathedral or a solitaire setting, will allow your wedding band to sit right next to your engagement ring.

A setting with a low profile setting, meaning the center stone sits down low on your finger, may create a gap between your wedding band and your engagement ring.



Similarly, some engagement rings with a wide ‘V’ or split shank may make it a little more difficult to find a wedding band that will sit right next to your engagement ring because of the curves the shank creates. A gap isn’t bad; it’s just something to keep in mind when shopping for your wedding band.

Pairing Your Engagement Ring

Bezel Engagement Rings



Bezel engagement rings are often low profile, which can make it difficult to fit a wedding band beneath the center stone. If you don’t want space between your engagement ring and your wedding band, opt for a curved or notched wedding band, which will sit snug against your engagement ring. Curved diamond wedding bands can add flair and even make your engagement ring’s center stone look larger!

Sleek, minimal wedding bands also pair perfectly with the modern look of a bezel engagement ring.

Halo Engagement Rings

halo engagement ring

A halo engagement ring will look stunning with a diamond wedding band. Match your wedding band to your diamond halo or the diamond band – so for example, if your halo is set with pavé diamonds, get a pavé wedding band.

Solitiare Engagement Rings

round diamond solitaire with diamond wedding band

Solitaire engagement rings are extremely versatile, making it easy to find a matching wedding band. A solitaire engagement ring will look fantastic with a plain band, diamond band, or a curved band.

Classic Engagement Rings

emerald engagement ring with emerald eternity band

As a general rule of thumb, the best way to match your engagement ring is to match the shape of the diamonds that you have on your engagement ring. The emerald cut engagement ring above looks dazzling with the emerald cut eternity band.

Grecian engagement ring with band

Aside from diamond shape, you can also look for wedding bands that have designs similar to the shank of your engagement ring – even if it doesn’t match perfectly, it can still create an eclectic look.

Pairing by Color

sapphire geneva and alhambra ring

Colorful gemstone engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. To create a seamless look between your gemstone engagement ring and wedding band, choose a wedding band that features the same gemstones as your engagement ring.

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