How To Buy A Heart-Shaped Diamond

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and it’s got us thinking about heart-shaped diamonds! This inherently romantic diamond shape is perfect for pendants, earrings, and engagement rings. They’re perfect for someone looking for a more non-traditional engagement ring or anniversary gift. Make sure to follow these guidelines when shopping for a heart-shaped diamond.

heart shaped diamond carat sizes

The 4 Cs


Cut has the greatest impact on the appearance of a diamond – a well-cut diamond will create lots of sparkle. Choose a Very Good cut grade for your heart-shaped diamond.


Heart-shaped diamonds have a brilliant facet pattern which is great at concealing color. Choose a near-colorless diamond (G through J), which will face up as white and save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.


Diamonds with brilliant facet patterns are also great at concealing inclusions, depending on where the inclusions are and how large they are. Avoid inclusions on the table of the diamond, which will be more obvious. It’s also important to avoid diamonds with inclusions at the point. The point of heart-shaped diamonds is delicate and prone to chipping, and inclusions can decrease a stone’s durability. Diamonds with cavity inclusions or feathering, in particular, can weaken the diamond. GIA grading reports contain a diagram listing the location and type of inclusions on diamonds that are 1 carat or larger. To guarantee an eye-clean diamond, select a stone with VS1 or VS2 clarity. Always view HD images of your diamond before making a purchase.


The GIA recommends that you purchase a heart-shaped diamond that is 0.50 carats or larger. The heart silhouette is difficult to see in smaller diamonds. 
Need to brush on up on the 4 Cs? Read more here.

anatomy of a heart shaped diamond



Heart-shaped diamonds are incredibly difficult to cut. Symmetry is the most important feature to look for in a heart-shaped diamond – asymmetry in heart-shaped diamonds is incredibly obvious. Select diamonds with Excellent symmetry to ensure a visually appealing diamond.

This diamond has a Good cut, and you can tell the right half of the diamond doesn’t match the left half:

heart shaped diamond with good cut

Meanwhile, this diamond has Excellent symmetry, making it more visually appealing:


It has a defined cleft and point, giving it a clear heart shape. A defined cleft is important in heart-shaped diamonds.


The cleft of this diamond (which has Very Good symmetry) is small, making it difficult to see the heart-shape. 

So again, choose a diamond with Excellent symmetry.

Length-To-Width Ratios

A proper length-to-width ratio is important in order to have an attractive diamond. The ideal length-to-width ratio is 1:00 to 1:1.2. A diamond with ratios above 1:1.2 will appear narrower, while diamonds with a length-to-width-ratio below 1:00 will appear wider.

The Setting

As mentioned earlier, the point of a heart-shaped diamond is the most delicate and can easily chip. Make sure to choose a setting that protects the point.


This engagement ring setting is a great choice because the V-prong covers the point without taking away from the shape of the diamond.

Celebrities With Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Lady Gaga



Taylor Kinney proposed to Lady Gaga with a 6-carat heart-shaped diamond ring in 2015. Sadly, the couple ended their engagement a year later.  

Nicki Minaj



Nicki Minaj received a yellow heart-shaped diamond ring from her then-boyfriend Meek Mill in 2015.

Cardi B



In 2019, Offset gifted Cardi B a giant heart-shaped diamond ring for her 27th birthday with a matching heart-shaped eternity ring. The ring is estimated to be a total of 45 carats.

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