Hidden Halo Engagement Ring- All You Need to Know About Them

If you feel as if there is a new engagement ring posted to your Instagram account every other day, you are not the only one who has this experience. However, there is a new trend that you should be aware of, and it’s possible that you’ve already seen it without even realizing it. 

The preference for engagement rings with a hidden halo is quickly gaining popularity, and the design is already well-liked by famous people as well as jewelers. A hidden halo engagement ring is one that contains a halo of pavé diamonds below the center stone on the setting of the ring. 

This kind of band is ideal for those individuals who desire a glittering ring without committing to a conventional halo. This unexpected diamond setting sparkles brightly from the bottom up, yet it is hidden from view from the top.

What does Hidden Halo Mean?

A single center stone is surrounded by a selection of pave or micro-pave diamonds when the setting is called a hidden halo. The focus is drawn to the focal gem by the pave stones that surround it. Hidden halos are a fantastic way to have a brilliant-looking ring for your engagement whatever the size of your budget. A hidden halo is an excellent option for an engagement ring with a double brilliant cut stone if that is what you are searching for.

Is Hidden Halo Compatible with Any Diamond Shapes?

The hidden halo setting may be used for a variety of diamond cuts, including oval, radiant, round, pear, round, and cushion-cut diamonds. The most common types are oval engagement rings with halo and pear-shaped engagement rings with halo. 

Pear-shaped engagement rings with halo are also very popular. The diamond wrap of the Hidden halo is about 2 millimeters high, which provides a ring with more glitter when seen from the side than ever before. When seen from above, the stone in a ring with a hidden halo seems to be a far larger size than it really is. 

The hidden halo is an adaptable style that may be used in a variety of environments successfully. You are free to combine this design with other settings, other metals, colors, shaped gemstones, and even bands of varying widths and thicknesses. The bands that make up a concealed halo may be made of white, yellow, or rose gold, and they can have a form that is either straight, twisted, or double-ringed to complement the central stone. 

As a result, the design of a hidden halo engagement ring leaves an opportunity for the incorporation of your own unique sense of creativity and individuality. In order to customize your halo engagement ring with a variety of distinct types, you need to have a deeper understanding of the many kinds of engagement rings.

The Popularity of Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Even though such hidden halo engagement ring settings are still relatively new, a number of well-known celebrities have already started wearing them. Ring Concierge created the engagement band that Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor wore during her engagement. The ring has an oval stone placed atop a concealed halo. 

Earlier, Nicole Wegman, the creator of the company, shared with The Knot her opinion that it is necessary to buy at a reputable brand to locate a wonderful hidden halo engagement ring. She advised that, in order to reduce the likelihood of experiencing ongoing difficulties with the micropavé diamonds being dislodged, it is essential to have the piece crafted by a skilled bench jeweler. In addition, she said that ovals, rounds, and cushion-cut diamonds are the most often seen configurations for concealed halo engagement rings.

New Designs of Popular Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

If you like this style, you’ll be relieved to learn that it’s quite unlikely that this trend will go away in the near future. As the setting continues to gain popularity among consumers, more jewelry designers may start offering concealed halo engagement rings. Following this, you’ll see a collection of favorite hidden halo engagement rings that are now available for purchase. These new designs can be the options to buy for the engagement and we can guarantee you that the spectators would love to see the piece on your loved one’s hand. So let’s look at some of the designs-

Pave Design 

The band of the pave halo engagement ring is covered with a row of smaller stones all the way around. The ring is designed in a pave manner, which makes the center stone dazzle even brighter. Pave halo rings have recently seen a surge in favor among those who like halo jewelry. People who want an engagement ring that is more dazzling and draws more attention to itself choose a pave halo design.

Split Shank design 

This design of the engagement ring has bands that double as they approach the central stone and the halo at the top of the ring. As a result, the halo is supported by not just one but rather two narrow bands. The split band is quite popular, and it draws attention because of the little stones that are on it.

Double Design 

The primary, center stone of a double halo engagement ring is encircled by not one, but two halos. Double halo rings are more expensive than single halo rings, but they make your diamond seem to be a whole carat larger, whilst single halo rings only make it appear to be half a carat larger. Some individuals even prefer to build triple halo engagement rings.

Plain Shank Design 

A simple shank halo engagement ring is exactly what its name suggests: it is an engagement ring that has a plain band that leads up to the diamond and its halo in a gradual manner. In this particular kind of concealed halo, the attention that is drawn to the center stone is amplified to an extraordinary degree.

Does Halo Design Make the Diamond Larger?

The halo setting utilizes visual techniques to give the impression that the stone is far larger than it really is. When seen from a greater distance, the primary stone will seem to be much larger and much more dazzling thanks to the row of smaller diamonds that surround it. The side diamonds on each side will serve as an enhancer for the diamond in the center of the ring.