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Have a Happy, Healthy Monsoon

The monsoons have finally arrived, bringing great respite from the scorching heat and humidity. All that we want to do now is soak in all the rain and feel refreshed. While it is a good idea to enjoy the rains, one should be extra careful about health too. Monsoon is also a time of viral attacks, flu, cold, and such troubles that can escalate to serious conditions. Monsoons are also the time of maladies like food poisoning, malaria and dengue. If you want to enjoy this monsoon in good health, here are some tried and tested tips:

Always drink boiled water: Water-borne diseases are very common during this season. To avoid such problems, make sure to drink only boiled water. Boiling water kills all those potential germs which could make you sick.

Avoid eating outside food: During monsoons, one hears of a spike in the number of food poisoning cases. This mostly happens when one consumes food from open eateries by the side of the streets. Most eateries do not maintain proper hygiene during monsoons and this results in food poisoning. Try to eat home-cooked food as much as possible.

Prevent mosquito breeding: Mosquitoes breed by the dozen in drains, muddy pools and any place where stagnated water is collected. This can lead to diseases like dengue, malaria among others. In such a scenario, it would be advisable to do regular fogging and proper cleaning of your garden and compound. Dispose garbage promptly and avoid water being collected in buckets or basins kept outdoors.

Maintain hygiene: It is very important to maintain proper hygiene during the monsoon season. Make sure to thoroughly wash all the vegetables and fruits you consume as there are chances of worms or insects present in them. Always keep your home neat and clean as damp spaces are an ideal breeding spots for germs.

Here are some home remedies which provide relief from cold, cough or food poisoning: 

Cold, Cough: Drink cups of hot ginger tea to feel better. You can also have some warm milk with a pinch of turmeric to get rid of that nagging cold. If you have a cough, take some honey in warm water for instant relief. Also, gargle with mildly hot salt water to get rid of the throat irritation.

For Food Poisoning: If your system is upset due to food poisoning, apple cider vinegar could come to your rescue. Add one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water and have it once or twice daily. You will feel better very soon.

A ginger & honey concoction is also good. Boil water and add a piece of ginger to it. Simmer it for five minutes and then strain it. Let it cool and then add honey. Consume it immediately for best results.

Hope this monsoon is happy and healthy for you.


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