Graff Unveils 60 Diamonds Cut from the Incredible 1,109-Carat Lesedi La Rona


The 1109 carat diamond was acquired with an intention to be cut into smaller diamonds – now, the first lot of 60 diamonds were unveiled in the form of alluring pieces of jewellery.

Cutting the largest, rarest and most expensive diamond was no easy feat – it took experienced and the most knowledgeable gemologists and diamond cutters to produce the first 60 stones. These diamonds have been used in extraordinary pieces of jewellery.

Each of the 60 diamonds is D-Colour with exceptional clarity and has a laser inscription of both Graff and  Lesedi la Rona so that the buyer knows how exclusive and rare each stone is. The diamonds were used in solitaire rings, pendants and earrings.

Following the 3106 carat Cullian diamond, Lesedi la Rona is the second largest rough diamond in the history from Lucara Karowe mine.  

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